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Comic Goal

presidential pardon

presidential pardon
by SS&SS


            Anything comic is usually amusing while a goal is something that you hope to achieve in the future. In the sporting sense and especially in football, goal is the score gained by making the ball go into the net. I know that some people will wonder about the usage of the word goal in this paragraph.

            Viewed from any angle, goal is an aim. Hence, taken seriously but sometimes, in real life or sports, there are certain goals that can be classified as comical.

  In this category, are goals attained with duplicity, particularly when the rules are broken, breached or stretched.

However, some of such goals may endure when achieved but they are perpetually discredited, controversial, often disallowed and do backfire.

The comic aspects of such goals reflect in the modus operandi (M.O.) of scoring or achieving them. Like in football when a referee blows the whistle for a controversial free kick and such a kick is quickly taken while the opponents are yet unorganized; of course, any goal resulting from such a kick will definitely look comical.

In God’s household, comic goals are also scored in various forms. For example, when the so-called ‘men of God’ exploit their flock in the name of God and end up enriching themselves with the catchy phrase, ‘God loves a cheerful giver,’ is it not comical? Many others are also scoring comic goals by luring ‘sisters’ to bed (instead of delivering them from Satan) for the purpose of meeting the needs of the flesh. Such wicked actors may succeed for a while but someday, their evil deeds will be exposed and the exploiter will be exploited or at least provide an explanation.

I remember how one of these dubious pastors operated in Lagos in those days. First, he will smoke hemp and after gaining satisfaction, he will then enter the church full of anointing but you will notice that it is ‘hemp anointing’ through the persistent stupid and unwarranted laughter on his face. He was doing this successfully until one fateful morning, along one of the numerous bushy and often lonely paths in an area of Lagos called Iba New site, when I caught him red-handed in the act, and he could not deny that it is a comic goal. From then, he could not score any further as the whole church soon became aware of his treachery and that was it.  

In Nigerian schools, especially the bloated higher educational institutions, the actors there, are scoring comic goals regularly. Remember how the Imo State University tsunami of 2009, put paid to the chances of some of the lecturers (including the ‘holder’ of the ultimate academic degree, PhD and whose claim could not be verified) to continue scoring comic goals. Having fallen from grace, I mean inconsequential grace; some of them went into exile.

When the girls trade their bodies for good grades, they score goals that are quite comical in the sense that after graduation (if they really do), the shallowness of their educational qualifications become apparent.

I have heard the story of one pretty lady and ‘university graduate’ who was employed by one of the new generation banks today and tomorrow got sacked because she could not fix a simple ledger and this is a

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