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Comments: Foxconn jump from a building in “Absence of persons” – Foxconn – HC network elec

government pardons
by lisby1

Article by jekky

Foxconn’s “Nine jump” off a suicide issues and corporate responsibility on social dialogue. In this dialogue, the media played an important role in promoting media coverage is the entire dialogue. Suicide because of their personal and non-compulsory and can not find the person directly responsible, however, this social phenomenon of suicide is hidden behind the person in charge of many of the invisible. Personal reasons vary, it is generally agreed that suicide is a frequent result of the role of social factors. In other words, a seemingly casual and random suicide is the result of a comprehensive long, most likely with the family background, Education Background, upbringing and other factors. Since we know this because the long term, and yet people tend to be short of solving this problem. We can make such an assumption, if the leadership of an executive Foxconn has chosen to commit suicide can not stand the pressure of public opinion, then, who is the murderer? Foxconn “Nine jump” case, look seems to dominate the dialogue, the media, but few people pay attention to this incident, “Absence of persons.” We are aware that thousands of similar companies like Foxconn, but few entrepreneurial class in this dialogue, more than Foxconn “sweat” of factories and enterprises under the night hidden in the deeper. In this dialogue, we also see nothing about the government, as if this is just business to do. We also note that the dialogue in public, they leave themselves in a variety of web pages on the unscrupulous business of scolding, however, they did not participate in the dialogue, but the onlookers. You and I will not be a cause of suicide executioners those who commit suicide? The set Q can be considered ridiculous, but in reality, we most likely are. Migrant workers sense of oppression resulting from the face of the city and humiliation are not always related to money, such as identity, dignity, and the expression of those who commit suicide, they may just be an “I’m tired of this world”, but do not forget , and the world is formed by the you and me. We are one move, a sentence of words, may become overwhelming psychological limits of their last straw. From each individual, we encounter vulnerable groups, is cold or casting vote to smile? Migrant workers encounter the most common is the hearts and mind alert or open? For the public, each person do a bit of things that harm society and others seem to have nothing, but wait until the last become a social phenomenon of suicide problem, exclude itself from the moral high ground, as if it was ethical to pardon. Everyone can accuse Foxconn, can blame “sweatshops” in the media storm, everyone choose the safest words, everyone knows that the tragedy of suicide is caused by the general public. Did not you, whether it is work stress or emotional entanglements, or social cold violence, suicide, the problems faced by society as a whole problem, and you and I are members of the society. It is composed of each of us has caused social problems resulting from the rise of social suicide. Therefore, in this dialogue, the external effects of the minimum is not to be so-called “sweatshops” beat him to death, but the patience to promote this dialogue, the public and various sectors of society into the dialogue system system to reflect on suicide, a little less arbitrary arbitration.

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