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Criminal Defense Lawyers: Know The Basics

Being charged with a crime means end of freedom for the person charged. Whether it is felony charges for drunken driving or homicide cases the legal procedure is extensive and a serious cause of distress to the convicted. A very major role is played by criminal defense lawyers in this condition.

Criminal lawyers are usually of two types, viz. prosecutors and defense lawyers. Prosecutors address the case on behalf of the government while defense lawyers present the case on behalf of the accused or the person charged with felony. The prosecutor’s case is built on the testimonial of the witnesses and the police who arrests the accused on investigation of the crime. The main objective of the prosecutor is to prove the accused guilty and acquire suitable punishment.

Criminal defense lawyers on the other hand are faced with the paramount task of defending the accused and relief him of all the charges. This is the prime objective of the criminal defense lawyer irrespective of the fact whether the accused has committed the crime or not. The defense lawyer can be privately employed by the defendant’s family or friends or in cases where the defendant cannot afford to hire a defense lawyer, the state judiciary appoints one to represent his case to the court.

The difficulty rises when the defendant is charged with the felony of homicide. Homicide has been categorized into criminal and non-criminal homicide. Non-criminal homicide essentially involves the unwanton killing of a person by another either in defense or under automated behavior. Let us take a brief look into the details of criminal homicide as categorized by the law.

Criminal homicide has been considered as one of the most grotesque acts in all legal chapters. The mental state of the defendant, considered along with the statutes defining the crime, together determine the punishment that will be meted out to the convict. Well justified homicide cases are often granted excuse. This includes first and second degree murder, felony murder, manslaughter, and vehicular manslaughter.

The best mode of defense is to hire a well established criminal defense lawyer who can handle any case with adept expertise. Homicides of any degree can be justified to the judiciary and granted pardon if handled by an expert criminal defense lawyer. Ventura residents should keep in mind afore mentioned points and adopt a systemic approach to any homicide case in this town.

Representing the defendant’s case to the judiciary with the object of disproving the charges on the accused is the prime most duty of a criminal defense lawyer Ventura. The residents of Ventura have been lucky to avail the services of the exert service of legal experts of the Morgan Law Firm.

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