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Criminal law FAQ

Article by lawfreefaq

Where can I submit an article I wrote on criminal law and corruption, money laundering?I wrote two articles and would like to have them published in a review or a journal, preferably American (most of them are published by universities). Which journals/reviews, how can I contact them? I would like to send them my articles by email. Thanks!.I think I want to be a lawyer what kind should I be?Name the difference kinds and what they make and what you think is the best to do Basically there are two groups. Those that deal with civil law and those who deal with criminal law. Among the civil lawyers include those who deal with business, education,environmental,.If you had complete immunity to criminal law, what would you do first?You know how folks with diplomatic immunity can’t be tried on criminal charges? Suppose you had that kind of immunity. What would you do first? I’d go have lunch because I’m relly hungry. Do you act responsibly because you are a good person, or because you’ll.I’m trying to find out if something I did was illegal; where can I see a listing of the criminal law code?I would like to find out, if a person’s car is towed by a professional towing company in Illinois, and then this person goes to the towing place to get her car back and notices the car.In extrajudicial killing, what is the violated law in civil law in the philippines? PARDON? please explain your question – I don’t know a thing about Filipino law, but if it’s anything like Western legal systems, odds are no civil laws are broken, and such a killing would be solely a criminal law case. – Extrajudicial killing is.Is it??..Better that 100 guilty men go free than to convict one innocent man? In criminal law, it is better to let even 1,000 guilty men to be free rather than convicting one innocent man. Thus, evidence that is needed to convict a suspect must be beyond reasonable doubt. – No – well I guess that depends on.Is the act of pieing someone legal? I mean can the person who is pied claim damages in court? I would assume under criminal law, it would be illegal however if they consented to it, that may be a complete defence (assuming it didn’t cause a maim or the like). However if they didn’t consent you could be.is there any special considerations that should be made by police in dealing with a presbyterian eg.searches?anything that should be taken into account by a police officer that might effect how he would go about respecting the religous beliefs while in custody, searches etc. No, in this country, criminal law supersedes religious law. Just because someone believes in.Legal question.. Anybody know anything about criminal law?Somebody I used to know broke out of jail and is now a fugitive from the law. I haven’t talked to him in years, but I don’t want to have to imagine him sitting in prison for the rest of his life. So what I want to know is. WHAT KIND.What are Irene Rosenberg’s, professor of law at Univ. of Houstin, credentials? Irene Merker Rosenberg Royce R. Till Professor of Law Professor Rosenberg received her B.A. from College of the City of New York (C.C.N.Y.) and her LL.B. from New York University College of Law. She is nationally known as a scholar in juvenile justice and criminal law.what are the advantages of having trials by jury in our criminal justice system? The idea behind the jury system in criminal cases is that the accused has committed a crime against the the state, or society. That is why criminal law is public law and cases are cited as r v defendant name (the r, standing for.An example of a criminal law? and a civil law? Let’s suppose you are the at-fault party in a car accident. There is twenty pounds of cocaine in your trunk. You will be arrested (amongst other things) for criminal possession. The man that you hit severed his spine and can no longer work. He will sue for civil.Another criminal law question!?If a guy is indicted for raping a girl, and his defense is that he was too drunk to form the intent to rape her, is that a viable defense? I said voluntary intoxication was not a defense because rape was not a specific intent crime. Thoughts? You are correct that intent is irrelevant in.Common Law?O.K. two part question, Does Idaho have common law? And does common law apply to minors as well? Common Law is simply a form of law that is different from criminal law. All US states would have a common law. Basically, unlike criminal law where crimes are against society and laws, common law regards ‘wrongs’ between individuals..How can I file a continuance in a court of law(Louisiana if it matters)?This is a criminal charge. Drug related. My court date is on April 19. Any information would be appreciated. You need a lawyer. You should never attempt to represent yourseld or file any court papers on your own, especially when it comes to criminal law..If you were forced to kill someone would this be seen as self defense in the eyes of the law? NECESSITY THE GENERAL RULE Necessity arises where a defendant is forced by circumstances to transgress the criminal law. The generally accepted position is that necessity cannot be a defence to a criminal charge. The leading case is: R.In my criminal law class I have to prosecute a case, what can I charge this person with?He was under the influence of the drug LSD and he went out with his girlfriend that nite even though he wanted to stay in b/c he was high. They met up with friends at a park. That’s where he beat.

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If you had complete immunity to criminal law, what would you do first? – You know how folks with diplomatic immunity can’t be tried on criminal charges? Suppose you had that kind of immunity. What would you do first? I’d go have lunch because I’m relly hungry. Do you act responsibly because you are a good person, or because you’ll

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