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Criminal mugshots – search criminal records

The criminal mugshots and criminal records are available to the public to access through certain online criminal search databases.  So this means that you can get access to search through the public records, this case it is the criminal mugshots, from home using your computer.

There are a variety of databases that you can use to conduct these searches online, but knowing what database is good, and knowing which has poor results is the main problem online. As I said, there are thousands of criminal databases that appear in the search results.

Well here I will introduce you to a database that I believe is very good value for money. This particular service is a paid to search version database, but don’t worry, it is a very small price to pay for unlimited access to the public criminal mugshot records.

The site I am talking about is very easy to use and find your way around inside, there is no technical hurdles to worry about.

So don’t be intimidated by the database. The best part is you do not need to talk with anyone to get results; all the searches are done in your own time, from home in private.

This criminal database is used every day by thousands of people from all over the world. You can now get the same access to this large online popular database as well; all that you need to do is join the low cost membership and start you searches within minutes of joining up.

Maybe you know someone inside and want to find their mugshot? Or maybe you are just curious and want to search through the criminal records and mugshots to check up on friends and family, or co workers? Whatever the story may be, you can do this with this database any time you feel the need to do so.

Inside this database, there are tons of different categories that you can search through; you are not limited to the one search. This is very handy as something may pop up that you want to check on down the track.

The mugshots is a popular search term online; many people each day search for the criminal mugshots and criminal records. So a good database is important for the public and whoever else wants to search through the public records.

If you head over to this site: Criminal mugshots, you will be directed to the database that I am talking about. Take a look for yourself and make your own mind up about it.

Ok that is it guys, I have given you the information about how to search for the criminal mugshots online, now it is up to you. I hope you found this helpful, and find the public records you are searching for with ease. All the best!


Search criminal records and criminal mugshots online fast and easy!

Question by The Kid: If you are falsely arrested, does that arrest go on your criminal record regardless?
From what I read, every single arrest on your record stays with you forever. But does a false arrest count in here too or does that part gets erased like it never happened? I figure that must be an exception to the rule.

Let’s say you got a squeaky clean record and had just been arrested for assault on several people, handcuffed, taken to the police station to get photographed and fingerprinted, but all the victims eventually tells the police they clearly got the wrong guy and lets you go.

Does the police destroy that arrest report and other paperwork on you or do you now have a “criminal record” on file that will never go away without your lawyer’s help?

FYI I’ve never been arrested ever and have a clean record. Just wondering about what happens in this scenario.

Best answer:

Answer by Superman
Your state may differ, but over here one may request a finding of factual innocence. If successful, the arrest records will be sealed for three years and thereafter the law enforcement agency will destroy the arrest records including the application itself. The Department of Justice will destroy their records of arrest including the notice of sealing. (Everything is covered except for the MiB pen to take care of the police and the victims themselves.)

California Penal Code section 851.8(a) provides in part:
“In any case where a person has been arrested and no accusatory pleading has been filed, the person arrested may petition the law enforcement agency having jurisdiction over the offense to destroy its records of the arrest…”

*/End of Line.

Know better? Leave your own answer in the comments!
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5 Responses to “Criminal mugshots – search criminal records”

  • Flying_james:

    I believe the court order would be required to have it removed & therefore an attorney.

  • redheadedstepchild_3:

    I am a criminal Justice Major and there are two options that could happen first they will dump all your records fingerprints mugshots any and all paperwork ect. Next they will null your case but it will still appear on your record but it will show as a null charge. Basically meaning that it never exsited and cannot hinder your chance of employment or anything it is not legally binding, Clearly if you never made it to court then all your record for that event should be dumped. Best of luck to you!

  • David B:

    Unless the arrest is expunged, it stays on your record. And even if it is expunged, chances are there will still be a record of it somewhere – the fact is that the records of an arrest can end up in many different files in many different places – and tracking them all down to erase them rarely works as it’s supposed to.

    That’s not to dismiss the theoretically correct answers above – it’s simply to advise you that in the real world, once you’ve been arrested, chances are it will stick with you no matter what.

  • yummyapple4u:

    BEAUTY! D.R loves you guys!!!

  • Osceana:

    This is so beautiful and amazing.

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