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Criminal Record Check for Employment? ? Get a Canadian Pardon!

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With modern criminal record systems being so easily accessed by employers, more and more of them are conducting criminal record checks as part of their pre-employment screening practices.

Employment is probably the single largest reason why getting a Canadian pardon for your criminal record is so important. Whether or not your criminal record affects your employment search, or your current job, depends on the job and on your location.

Human Rights Legislation

Human Rights Legislation, Federal and some Provincial, provide protection against most discrimination based on your criminal record. So, the first thing you need to know before you answer an employment application question about your criminal record is whether or not the employer has the right to ask in the first place. Various Human Rights Acts prohibit employers from requesting job applicants from disclosing if they have a criminal record, depending on the circumstances of employment.

If you have a criminal record, and you are looking to apply for a job or position, find out whether the company or organization is federal or provincial, and then review the following list:

Federal – Protection for pardon records, no protection for unpardoned records

Alberta – No protection

British Columbia – Protection for both pardoned and unpardoned records

Manitoba – No protection

New Brunswick – No protection

Newfoundland and Labrador – No protection

Nova Scotia – No protection

Ontario – Protection for pardon records, no protection for unpardoned records

Prince Edward Island – Protection for criminal records

Quebec – Protection for both pardoned and unpardoned records

Saskatchewan – No protection

North West Territories – Protection for pardon records, no protection for unpardoned records

Yukon – Protection for criminal records

Nunavut – Protection for pardon records, no protection for unpardoned records

Under the Criminal Records Act, federal government employment departments cannot ask questions that could expose a conviction for which a pardon has been granted. If a federal employer wishes to obtain information about a person’s criminal record history, the question should be phrased: “Have you ever been convicted of an offence for which you have not received a pardon?”

In this case a pardoned individual can answer “No.” If you do not have a pardon, however, you will need to obtain one before you apply, or you will almost certainly be turned down for the position.

If your potential or current employer falls under provincial legislation, you will have to check whether your province has protection in place for pardoned, and in some cases, even unpardoned criminal records.

Bona Fide Occupational Requirements (BFOR)

Despite all the human rights protection in place in Canada, many employers still screen for criminal records.  In many cases, employers

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