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Criminal Records Background Checks – How to Conduct Your Own Thorough Search For Criminal Records

In legal terminology, due diligence research requires criminal records search as a standard part of the research. Today’s digital age search for data is much easier as the right technology is available to perform these searches. In spite of all these modern tools, and the quantity of information stored in the Internet, there is nothing comparable to the manual process for retrieving information from public records. Much too often, the old ‘gum shoe’ techniques need to be applied and both researchers and other information seekers often find that they have to rely less on technological support systems and more on wading through paper to do a proper criminal records search.

Researching and searching criminal records nationwide would be easier if there was one all inclusive database which included all the public records from every state. In spite of all the technological advances and cooperation between the states and their law agencies, no single nationwide data base for criminal records exists for free. The closest is a nationwide database held by the FBI and is not public. The FBI database known as the NCIC or the National Criminal Information Center, has classified records that are confidential and only criminal justice agencies have legal access to the files that are contained within the NCIC data base. There are stringent controls to avoid snooping by unauthorized persons.

Since there is no national database available to the average citizen, one has to resort to public records research by using local databases stateside. Many states have begun keeping criminal records search databases. Twenty nine of fifty U.S. states have central repositories for criminal records search data. These databases can be used to do criminal records search. This must not, however, be the only source, as state databases deal with criminal records and information on convictions. These records search information will include serious felonies, class A misdemeanors and class B misdemeanors. Most states seal juvenile records and do not allow access to these records, no matter what. It is very difficult to get a judge to unseal juvenile records. Therefore the juvenile records of a search subject will not be available. Minor charges and misdemeanors are not included in the central repository database since the state law enforcement does not require fingerprint reports on these minor misdemeanors.

County databases are good sources for criminal records search information. Counties are great at keeping indexes of all pertinent data concerning the public. One can find ordinances, governor billets, county court cases, arrests, arrest warrants issued, court decisions, sex offenders, profiles of the most wanted individuals and many more. One can do a criminal records search using the county inmates’ directory where you can view the pictures of released criminals and inmates.

Court records are the best way to verify if a person has criminal records or has faced criminal action. This kind of criminal records search will cost some money. Every state has several district courts and each has multiple branches. In addition, municipal courts try misdemeanor cases and circuit courts try felony cases.

To Search Court Records and Criminal Records Nationwide, Go to the Criminal Records Search Directory Today at

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12:15 AM, Jun 8, 2011 STOCKTON, CA – Kenneth Wright does not have a criminal record and he had no reason to believe a SWAT team would be breaking down his door at 6 am on Tuesday. “I look out of my window and I see 15 police officers,” Wright said. Wright came downstairs in his boxer shorts as a SWAT team barged through his front door. Wright said an officer grabbed him by the neck and led him outside on his front lawn. “He had his knee on my back and I had no idea why they were there,” Wright said. According to Wright, officers also woke his three young children ages 3, 7, and 11 and put them in a Stockton police patrol car with him. Officers then searched his house. As it turned out, the person law enforcement was looking for was not there – Wright’s estranged wife. “They put me in handcuffs in that hot patrol car for six hours, traumatizing my kids,” Wright said. Wright said he later went to the mayor and Stockton Police Department, but the City of Stockton had nothing to do with Wright’s search warrant. The US Department of Education issued the search and called in the SWAT for his wife’s defaulted student loans. “They busted down my door for this,” Wright said. “It wasn’t even me.” According to the Department of Education’s Office of the Inspector General, the case can’t be discussed publicly until it is closed, but a spokesperson did confirm that the department did issue the search warrant at Wright’s home. The Office of the Inspector General has a law enforcement
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Florida court records are going on computers — but not online
Instead of musty paper files that sit on forgotten shelves in courthouses, county clerks across the state have entered tens of thousands of criminal, civil, traffic and other public records onto computers. Just don't expect to access them from your …

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