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Criminal Records – What Types of Criminal Records Are Available and Where Can I Find Them

Criminal records are a part of the public record arena for any activity that is related to an alleged criminal incident. This article will describe what types of criminal records area available, who needs them and where to get them. One important thing to note, however is that you cannot get access to records related to criminal activity for anyone under the age of 18. This is due to privacy laws related to minors.

Here are the types of records that anyone can access:

1) Arrest records
2) Driving records – including DWIs, OUIs and accidents
3) Sex Offender records
4) Misdemeanors
5) Felonies
6) Incarcerations, prison and jail records

If you wish to get access to criminal records, all you need to do is to contact or visit the county courthouse or police station of the town or county that the alleged incident occurred. All information is generally filed by the last name(s) of the parties involved. You can physically read the documents and take notes as appropriate, or you can usually copy the records at a photo copier that is available (usually for a fee per page). Another trick to consider is that some people actually use digital cameras and take pictures of the document(s) that they are interested in.

Most of the time, people looking for these types of criminal records are interested in performing a criminal background check. While going to your local courthouse or police station can work for single incidents that you know occurred in a particular city or town. However, if you want to perform a more comprehensive search, you most likely will want to utilize the services of a company that makes public records available across all county and state jurisdictions. If you opt for an online service, you will be able to get an immediate report.

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Question by Pet lover: What good does getting your criminal record expunged?
If your criminal record is expunged and it’s court filing is still public where anyone could still look it up, then what’s the point of getting it expunged in the first place? What good does an expunged record do? It seems like it would be wasted money spent…. and let’s say that your record is erased or not seen by a perspective employer once expunged, does that mean you could get a job with let say children in school or patients in the medical field?

Best answer:

When filing for your record to be expunged you must also file for removal of the arrest record and the destruction of all files.~

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3 Sheriff's Department workers leaving, 1 demoted in shake-up
By Keith Eddings staff writer MIDDLETON — Two assistant superintendents and two correction officers at the Essex County Sheriff's Department have resigned, retired or been demoted after they were accused of improperly accessing criminal records or …
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This Is It

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24 Responses to “Criminal Records – What Types of Criminal Records Are Available and Where Can I Find Them”

  • clambert2370:

    i got it from kat.ph…

    i couldnt find it on itunes or anything like that

    just search for andy hull

  • bkfobrock32:

    Umm just because someone finds popularity thru the world wide web does not mean he is an internet sensation. Mckee is an amazing guitarist. Andy Hall is amazing at being amazing! And maybe I have bad eye sight but I don’t see it.

  • clambert2370:

    the links in brackets…youtune doesnt let u put links in…for get the brackets….copy and paste that and its the album

  • clambert2370:


  • clambert2370:

    very true

  • theeagle50:

    where did you get that album?

  • TheAlfHilton:

    this is so beautiful

  • BurgerFlippinBeast:

    When did Zack Galifianakis learn guitar?

  • llxBRADxll:

    also one of the best albums ever created

  • clambert2370:

    who is your humble is the song.
    i got a cd version on an unreleased alumd called “andy hull”

  • dddebolt:

    yea except andy hull is a rock star and andy mckee is an internet sensation

  • lyodd989:

    Is this a cover or unreleased or?

  • oldspiceredzoneclear:

    which song is this?

  • ferpacheco21:

    andys hair lmao!!:D

  • gusamt93:

    haha noah?!what the heck.

  • zacharymayfire:

    good God, Andy is the shit

  • f77e77l77i77x77:

    yeah and vonruck. hitler was my sunday school teacher.

  • vonruck:

    haha, andy mckee is my guitar teacher!

  • TheNewShakespeares:

    he looks just like andy mckee here.

  • idlehands1111111111:

    dude i was there and sitting at his feet ha!

  • brndnew42:

    whats the tuning?

  • Book and Music Lover:
    161 of 164 people found the following review helpful
    5.0 out of 5 stars
    Why you should buy “THIS IS IT.”, October 29, 2009

    This review is from: This Is It (Audio CD)

    In an attempt to explain what makes this album worth purchasing, I will break it down to 5 simple words: “It’s all about the Sound.” While it is true that the first CD of this album is a compilation of MJ’s greatest hits, it needs to be pointed out that the majority of these songs have been remastered. In order to discern the difference, I took the original and remastered versions of these songs, and played them side-by-side on the same audio equipment with exactly the same settings. The difference is clear and easy to detect. As good as the originals are, once you hear the remastered versions, the originals sound flat and dull. The remastered versions are crisper, deeper, and fuller. It is simply wonderful to be able to hear how much more amazing these classic songs can sound. I have heard these songs hundreds of times over the years, and yet, after listening to these remastered versions, I felt like I was really hearing them for the first time. To all those who love MJ’s music, please don’t discount this album simply because these songs have been available for years in their earlier versions. These new versions are absolutely fantastic!

    As for the demos on the 2nd CD, they are absolute treasures. Hearing the early versions of these songs takes you inside MJ’s creative process, which is a rare and special treat. While the song, “This Is It” isn’t a towering achievement like “Thriller,” it is a lovely song with a catchy tune that will stick in your head.

    Regarding the spoken poem, “Planet Earth,” MJ released a book back in 1992 called, “Dancing The Dream.” This book was a compilation of poetry and short essays that MJ wrote. The poem “Planet Earth” is one of the poems from this book. Despite the fact that I had read the poem many times, hearing MJ himself actually reading the poem was both beautiful and heart-wrenching. MJ was a visionary, and this is readily apparent when you hear the emotion and depth in his voice as he reads his love poem to the Earth. Do yourself a favor–buy this album, and treat yourself to the wonderful, creative genius of the greatest entertainer who ever lived, Michael Jackson–the King of Pop.

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  • Jools:
    83 of 87 people found the following review helpful
    5.0 out of 5 stars
    Mixed feelings but disc 2 saves this release, October 26, 2009
    Jools (Kirkland, WA United States) –

    Amazon Verified Purchase(What’s this?)
    This review is from: This Is It (Audio CD)

    As a fan, I bought this 2 disc release with mixed feelings and it is with mixed feelings that I rate this 5 stars after listening to the album. I went straight to Disc 2 because I’ve already heard (and own many times over) the other tracks. I suspect MJ is turning in his grave knowing that this first posthumous release is really just a re-release of tracks to match the movie, almost taking advantage of his fans. However, as a fan, I’ll likely buy anything that is released in his name after his death.

    Having said that, I’m giving this 5 stars because of the demos. The $9.99 that I’ve spent is well worth what I’ve received listening to the demo of “Shes out of my life”. It’s the first time (aside from Speechless from the Invincible album) you get to hear MJ’s voice in all it’s purity. It’s touching and it’s searingly beautiful.

    After listening to the “new” tracks (the demos and the poem), you’re left with a sad realization that his life truly ended too soon.

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  • Stephanie:
    48 of 50 people found the following review helpful
    5.0 out of 5 stars
    Love the Demos & Poem, October 26, 2009
    Stephanie (Sacto, CA) –

    Amazon Verified Purchase(What’s this?)
    This review is from: This Is It (Audio CD)

    This is a great collection of hits from MJ, and if you take a close listen, you will see that almost all of the songs he selected for his concert have a message. They are not all number ones, but the majority of them tell us something about his philosophy. The exceptions are Thriller and Billie Jean, which were included of course because they are the bestsellers and great dance hits.

    Regarding the demos – worth buying the whole album for these. I bought both the CD from Amazon for a keepsake and the iTunes unbundled selection that includes only the demos and poem.

    She’s out of My Life – “unplugged” version sung to acoustic guitar. Can’t wait to get the booklet so I can find out who was playing guitar. It’s amazing and so moving.

    Wanna Be Startin Something – great to have for the ending, which in this demo has even more energy than the final version because you can hear the individual instruments. What a treat.

    Beat It – this shows you the architecture of MJ’s song building where he lays down his own vocals to show how the instrumentation should sound.

    Planet Earth – gives me goosebumps. It’s incredibly intimate, very sensual and unique. MJ had a brilliant mind and this gives you a glimpse. Plus I love hearing his spoken voice.

    This is It – I’ve heard all the critics, but I LOVE this song and even though it was written years ago, the lyrics are like a tribute to MJ’s legacy. The vocals are wonderful, especially considering it was an out-take and has minimal production. This is raw MJ.

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