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Day Of Bent Time

Article by Lee E. Shilo

There is a little known fact about the U.S.S. Eldridge and its’ crew. In 1943, the Navy was getting ready for an experimental effect in radar invisibility. The Eldridge was the target for this experiment. Tesla, Planck and Einstein were on hand to make sure that there was enough electrical energy installed on the ship, and the output of raw power was such that it would most likely never be achieved again in such a confined space. They had no idea what effect the unleashed power would have on humans and were concerned enough to protect themselves by having the Navy sign a Responsibility Clause. This clause pardoned the scientists of all and any harm, stating the Navy took full responsibility. When full power was unleashed on the Eldridge, an aura of green engulfed the entire ship. The vessel flickered a few times and then disappeared from sight and radar for some time before reappearing. This flicker has been theorized as Phasing. Phasing means that it took on a different wave length of sight, sound and time. That is why it looked like it had disappeared, but really it was there all along, just in another Phase of existence. The raw power it produced was so vast, that it literally bent time as we know it. It eventually Phased back, but could not Phase back to the exact same time and position it left from. This had dire consequences for the crew. Because it was slightly out of Phase when it returned, so were the crew. Some had melded with bulkheads, walls and even beds. They fortunately did not survive long. For the rest of the crew, this day would relive itself repeatedly. They would experience this Day Of Bent Time, until their deaths and final relief of the Navy. The Day Of Bent Time was classified as, never existed by the Navy. No records were kept and no evidence ever recovered. Total deny-ability was successful.

©Lee E. Shilo-All Rights Reserved-2009

About the Author

I live on Vancouver Island, in Victoria, Canada with my loving wife Elisabeth, paranoid cat and crazy dog. I like writing Poetry, Childrens Stories, Fantasy/Fiction, and especially (true/untrue?) stories. I work in the print industry, so hobby writing affords him some release of daily frustrations and everyday tensions.

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