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Defense Lawyer Questions & Answers

September 5, 2010 11:30 AM Bishop Walter Dixon’s of Atlanta, GA Offical Press Release, Tribute and Prayer too Angel Rivers Death from DUI car crash. www.youtube.com MercifulLord, who art the strength of sufferers and the comfort of those who are heavy of heart: incline thine ear, we beseech thee, to the prayers of all who cry unto thee in their troubles; stress and distressed, uphold the fainting, relieve the suffering, console the sad, and make thy face to shine upon the family of our sister in “Christ” 21 years old Angel Rivers a daughter, mother and sister and love ones just to name a few. O lord, thou lover of souls whose wisdom is beyond our understanding, surround the family of sister Angel Rivers with your love, that they may not be overwhelmed by their loss but have confidence in your goodness, and strength to meet the day and there days to come. May our Lord Jesus Christ be near the family to defend them, within them to refresh them around them to preserve them, before them to guide them, behind them to justify them, above them to bless them? Who lives and reigns with the Father and the Holy Ghost. Her soul is bound up in yours forever O God. We see her now with the eyes of memory, her faults forgiven, and her virtues grown larger. So does goodness live and weakness fade from sight. We remember her with gratitude and bless her Holy name. Her memory is a blessing for ever. And we remember as well the fallen one who but yesterday was part of our community. To all
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Could a attorney cite a specific shield where on earth a prima facie defense be used next to regard to speeding?
I’m a CJ major just trying to fathom out how prima facie can successfully be applied to a traffic violation. Any cases that were won next to this defense would be helpful. Discipulo… have it spot on, no need for…

Could a legal representative explain what a potential entrapment defense would be surrounded by this scenario?
“The first sale of the contraband itself is a crime the suspect can be arrested for, but usually several purchases are made within several days or weeks within progessively larger amounts to defeat the “entrapment defense” Global drug enforcement By Gregory D. Lee If the…

Could Jesus’s advocate hold used the insanity defense?
yes … totally insane … impossible to be born from a virgin In a modern day court I expect it would hold worked quite well. He chose to vote nothing as it would not have served his purpose to be aquitted. It should be noted he come to earth spicifically to complete a…

Cross nouns and nouns within chief question for conservatory mock trial squad, i am a defense attorney? ?
ok, so the case is egg throwing. jack johnson is being charged for usuing disordily behavious inside the hearing or sight of a creature likey to be cause harrasment. he says that he be going to meet his friend on halloween however he…

Defense advocate be insultive and discriminating?
the defense lawyer in my suitcase called me a black man, stupid,jack *** and that she will talk any features of sheet to me as he wills, yale at me , all these happened inside the court-conference room while we be told by the judge to sought out some documents. he insulted me to the…

Defense advocate for free las vegas?
i need for a friend of mine a lawyer 2 represent him If your friend have been arrested and cannot afford an attorney, one will be appointed for him/her by the court free of charge. If your friend has be sued in a civil matter, he/she should contact the state lump, 702-382-2200, for a referral,…

Defense lawyer how can you stand defending the guilty?
I know on some cases there are innocents that did nothing wrong. But if you know that guy is a rapist, child molestor or a murderer how can you stand defending him? And if you win how can you stand seeing him totter away when it’s obvious he did it? It is…

Defense lawyer what is your guess that O J Simpson have spent on legally recognized fees how much time is he sentnced to? ?
I’m not a real smart person but it grieves me to hear something like someone that had it all & they shutting down up like this guy.its almost like they (O J & folks like him)planned

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