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Dentist like a day spa

Article by Patrick O’Rourke

Riverside Dental Noosa, is and dentist surgery like no other you have ever been to you will feel the difference as soon as you walk in. We are a comprehensive care dental practice, and our staff are trained in latest aesthetic, cosmetic and implant dentistry. Our aim is to provide the highest level of patient care, promoting dental wellness and wellbeing through oral health.

We use only the best dental materials and state-of-the-art technology to provide you with quality care you can trust. We believe in long term, comfortable and comprehensive care for patients of all ages. We want to enhance our patients’ lives through improved health, aesthetics and pain free living. It is our goal to help you achieve optimal dental health and look your finest. Your first appointment with one of our doctors begins with a confidential discussion to review your medical and dental history and discuss your treatment and your treatment goals and discover your expectations. Following this discussion, you will undergo a comprehensive and thorough examination where full dental records,tooth charting, joint analysis, x-rays and photographs are taken so the dentist can create an individualised treatment plan for you. Your plan is based on the specific goals, needs and concerns you expressed in the initial discussion.

At Riverside Dental we offer luxury services and facilities to our patients as part of their standard treatment experience. Our brand new dental practice offers a comfortable patient lounge area furnished with lounge chairs, a large flat-screen T.V, refreshments and complimentary seasonal fruit.

During your appointment you have the option of listening to music with wireless headphones or watching television or a DVD to make you feel relaxed. Hot towels, soothing eye-packs, neck and spine support pillows and blankets are also available to make sure you are at ease and comfortable period.

We offer the latest dental technology including Deep Whitening KOR system, Implant placement and restoration, porcelain veneers, porcelain crowns and pain free microscope enhanced root canal. We have state of the art sterilisation equipment and up to date sterilisation protocol.

One of the most common questions is how much will my dental treatment cost, well here are a couple of testimonials from loyal customers:

“Dr O’Rourke’s practice made me feel comfortable from the get go, they were upfront about the price and because I didn’t have health insurance, they took that into consideration” – Neil McBryde – Sunshine Beach

“Im pretty sure I wasent in a dentist chair at all!! The treatment was so gentle and ice cream was offered at the end! Sweet! Pardon the pun!” – Chantelle – Gympie Queensland

To make an appointment please visit out website or phone 07 5455 5066.

Dr Patrick O’Rourke – Dentist Riverside Dental Noosa

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