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Design Website For Pre-Selling

Article by Sanjay Johari

How do your feel when salespersons knock at your door atodd times trying to sell something you are not interestedin? I feel pity for these people who have to toil fromhouse to house facing rejection at most of the places. Andyet they wear a forced smile as they start their rehearsedsales speech. When they come to me at most inconvenienttime (for me) and insist on selling when I do not want totalk to them, I find it, if you will pardon me, irritating;although I do my best not to show it as I turn them away aspolitely as I can. Websites which have only sales pitch as their main contentare very much like these salespersons who arrive when youare not looking for them. Visitors go web browsingprimarily looking for specific information and not salesoffer. When a visitor arrives at a website which offersinformation she finds useful and solutions to her problems,she is likely to visit again. A website should not be designed only for sellingsomething, though that may be purpose for setting up thewebsite in the first place. The website should provideinformation and commentaries which can pre-sell the productto the visitor. It should attract targeted visitorsinterested in the content. Pre-selling arouses interest inthe product prompting the visitor to visit again. She willtry to satisfy herself with information provided,testimonials, bio of the webmaster, links to related sitesand other considerations before she will actually buy theproduct. In a way, pre-selling tries to guide her in thisdirection and makes it easier for her to make a decision. People are more inclined to buy what they “want” instead ofwhat they “need”. Once they set their minds on buyingsomething, they look for reasons (or call it excuses) whythey should buy, only to satisfy themselves, though thedecision for the purchase has already been taken.Pre-selling provides reasons which they find “compelling”enough to part with money. The website which has valuable content the visitor islooking for produces a pleasant experience for her. Bypre-selling she is made to develop trust in the website andthe webmaster and will look at the recommendations with anopen mind. Once the visitor decides to buy, the websiteshould ensue that she does not face any problems in makingactual purchase. The links provided for the order pageshould work properly and the whole process should be keptsimple. It will be very unfortunate if the prospectivebuyer calls off the purchase only because she finds thatthe ordering process does not work.How will your website appear to your visitor? That is animportant question which should be asked often. Try tovisualize yourself as a first-time visitor to your site.Then see you site as if you looking at it for the firsttime. How does it appear? Does your headline create acuriosity? Are you drawn towards the main content or otherfeatures of your site grab your attention? Is your maincontent “readable”, interesting and not a sermon? How far does it succeed in pre-selling? Ask your friends to see your website and give their opinionon these and other questions. Website building is a dynamicprocess and is never complete or perfect. But whateverchanges are made, they should enhance its pre-sellingability. It is good idea to actually test the website afterchanges are made. Any change which tends to reduce thetraffic needs to be modified. The changes should graduallyrefine the website to attract more visitors. Pre-selling should be seen as a service to satisfy theneeds of the visitors who arrive at the website. It shouldbe considered as the first step before actual sale.Pre-selling forms a bond, an understanding built on trustbetween the seller and the prospective buyer which easesthe process of actual sale.

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Sanjay Johari regularly contributes his articles to variousezines. Visit his website for top businessopportunities, e-books, articles, resources and more:www.Sanjay-j.ComMailto: sjohari2001@yahoo.com

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