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Dictators: Winners All the Way


Tucsonsentinel.com has an article dated February 7th 2011, which talks about disposed dictators taking up residence in London. There is even one that is given 24 hour police protection. So, what does this article show?

Dictatorship Guarantees Economic Profitability

When one becomes a dictator, he literally becomes the god of his land. His word is final and the land becomes his for the harvest. That is how they rob the resources of their country. Their people might suffer for their basic needs while the dictator, his family, friends and cronies all live in luxury. Being a dictator guarantees economic profitability.

Dictatorship Assures State level Protection

When in political power, dictators build their network of friends who are labeled as political allies. These allies would directly or indirectly benefit from the alliances. In return, the allies would cover for these dictators in national issues as long as they feel that their friends are still profitable to them. When it is time for a dictator to leave, the political allies would handle the bureaucratic mechanisms necessary to ensure a comfortable journey to safe havens complete with all the ill-gotten loots. And mind you, dictators travel first class all the way. In their safe havens, these dictators would receive state level protection which even the citizens of the safe haven cannot dream of in their lifetimes. But it would be the citizens’ tax money that will be used to protect the VIP guests.

Dictatorship Guarantees Luxurious Retirement

No matter what the economic state of the safe haven is, the VIP dictators, their families and cronies will live in luxury. And who knows, one day one of their friends might become the power in their former land. Then, they can return to a red-carpet homecoming. And with a presidential pardon, their slate would be wiped clean and they can settle down for a new season of harvesting with their friends. If that doesn’t happen, it doesn’t matter because there is enough loot to last a few generations without having to work.

Dictatorship, the New Trend for Political Careership

Seeing the above list of benefits in being a dictator, it is no wonder that the new trend for political Careership is to eventually become a dictator. What other career in this world assures impunity than a dictatorship in which one can rob their nation and yet retire in luxurious comfort under 24 hour police protection in the safe haven of their friends? Dictators seem to be winners all the way. Thanks to the wise taxpayers of dictatorship-friendly havens.


Article Source: http://www.tucsonsentinel.com/nationworld/report/020711_london_lying_low


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RT @disney: #DisneyFYI: Since 2005, several of the Thanksgiving turkeys given a presidential pardon have retired to Disneyland's Big Thunder Ranch. – by LadyJE (Jennifer E. Marshall)

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