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Different Nail Fungus Infections and Symptoms

Article by Penn Marx

Nail fungus symptoms will intially start out appearing pretty harmless and unimportant.} But as time passes, you start to become aware that the symptoms are getting worse instead of better and that the nail fungus is now starting to turn into a more painful condition. The initial minor signs of infection may appear as a small white or yellow blemish under the tips of one or more fingernails or toenails. As the infection begins to grow and spread, all the nail can become thick. It will often become discolored as well and in some cases become rather brittle and crumble. Toenail fungus infections are hard to treat and it is wise to start treating it as soon as possible, before it reaches a severe state.

As already mentioned, fungi like your toes more than your fingers. They love dark, damp places and your feet make a wonderful breeding ground. Covered in socks and stuffed into shoes, you feet become damp, don’t get much air, and don’t see any daylight. This is the perfect environment for the fungi to get a toe hold – pardon the pun. Along with allof this is the fact that your toes and feet don’t get a good of circulation through them as do your fingers. Because of this your immune system does not wage battle as effectively in that area of your body, thus making it easier for fungal infections to get started.

There are different types of nail fungus infections which produce nail fungus symptoms. The most common nail fungi infection found in most cases are called distal subungual onychomycosis. The fungus attacks the nail bed of either fingernails or toenails, beginning at the tip of the nail and working its way backward.

There are other infections that may develop in the nail, which are much more rare. White superficial onychomycosis happens when the fungus is attacking the actual nail, not the nail bed, and presents itself with white areas on the nail plate. It is most commonly witnessed in the toenail. Proximal subungual onychomycosis is extremely rare and usually signifies a severely compromised immune system. The fungus enters through the nail fold, by the cuticle, and advances outward. Candidal onychomycosis is actually a yeast infection of the nail, and is seen more frequently in people who continually have their hands or feet immersed in water.

While nail fungus symptoms and infections can include somewhat distinct symptoms and qualities, with variable areas of the nail offering access for the fungi and the infection spreading out in different ways, the most frequent nail fungi signs and symptoms that individuals are likely to run into are when nails become fragile, yellowed or discolored, thicker, change shape or deteriorate around the edges. Because this infection is not easy to treat, it is important to tackle it at the first indication of infection. An extremely painful condition can take place over time, where the nail essentially separates from the nail bed. To stay away from further significant problems, therefore, do not dismiss the initial signs and symptoms of nail fungus.

{There are actions you can take to lessen the probability of developing nail fungus. If you currently are showing a nail fungus symptom, be sure to wash your hands after touching the infected nail, because the condition can spread. Also, take steps to not invite nail fungus into your nails in the first place. Keeping your nails trimmed and healthy is essential. In addition, protect fingernails and toenails by wearing things such as rubber gloves and breathable socks, as well as not walking barefoot. Most importantly, at the first sign of nail fungus symptoms, start treatment immediately.

Nail fungus symptoms will intially start out looking pretty harmless and unimportant.} But as time passes, you start to notice that the symptoms are getting worse instead of better and that the nail fungus is now starting to develop into a more painful condition. Usually, the first indicator of a nail fungus infection is a little white, yellowish spot that is often located under the tips on of either your toenail or fingernail. Generally, fungus infections take place on the toenails rather than the fingernails.

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