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Digital Posters – Points to Consider

Article by Willy

Digital posters are one of the more affordable ways to use digital signage, now discover digital playbills and points to consider for an installation. It are one of the more cost effective solutions for indoor digital signage applications available in the current market. These units have revolutionised the way advertising is displayed, now let us discover how to maximise when we deploy it in one location.

Digital playbills – locations.

Location is one of the essential elements of a successful digital playbill installation, these digital posters need to be in high foot fall areas, usually in a reception or waiting area within a company, or directly in front of customers in a hair salon, this allows them to be entertained whilst they are waiting and can provide some valuable information. For example it in a reception area can show how the site you are at is connected to the head office and what it’s responsibilities are within the group. In hair stylists the it can advertise the latest promotion the salon has or publicise the discounts on the in store branded hair care range. As you can see (pardon the pun), but if the it are not seen or in areas with little traffic the advertisements will also suffer. If the it are of a large size, they need to be mounted to a solid wall, otherwise you have the possibility of an accident waiting to happen.

Digital playbills – size?

Digital posters vary in size from tiny 20″ units up to an including massive 65″ units, now one point here to think about, is if you are using a large digital playbill the structure it is mounting to has to be strong enough to support it. For example it would be futile in mounting 65″ it on a studded wall, as the weight of the LCD advertising screen would put it from the wall.

Digital playbills – mounting options.

Depending on where the it are being installed will dictate how they are mounted, for example in the centre of a hair salon, large it can be mounted from the rear using the VESA mounts and a ceiling mounted pole system, this also allows the screen to be tilted around 15 degrees. However if the digital poster are being mounted in portrait position there are special digital signage mounts that will take screens up to 65″.

Digital posters – network or USB

Now this is a regular debate, weather or not to use a network enabled digital poster or USB it, this comes down to the actual application and if several digital posters are used this is when a network enabled digital poster is ideal, due to the fact that within a few seconds the digital signage posters can be updated simultaneously and should a ad need editing fast it can be edited within seconds to ensure the rights ads are running at the right time.

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