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Disproves God…

presidential pardon
by skampy

Article by Terry Dashner

Disproves God…Terry Dashner………………Faith Fellowship Church PO Box 1586 Broken Arrow, OK 74013Can scientific discovery disprove God? If that question seems awkward, let me state it like this: Does science prove God’s existence? If science can, then scientific discovery is higher, superior to God. Or in the words of the 19th century philosopher, Friedrich Nietzsche, “God is dead…” and since He is dead, live like it. Everything goes. Before I get carried away in thought, let me make this thesis statement. The purpose of scientific discovery is not to prove or disprove God, but to expand knowledge. St Thomas Aquinas, the most brilliant man to live between the time of Aristotle and Descartes, talked about reason and faith. One does not contradict the other because both are from God. Not only is Christ the beginning and the end of our faith, but the Bible declares that “every good and perfect gift” comes from God. Knowledge is good; therefore it comes from God. Human reason can lead us far in this life, and well it should. Then again, faith can take us above all earthly knowledge into the courtyards of God. When my understanding breaks down, I can always advance forward by my faith in God.Are you hearing me? One of my favorite authors, and I have many, is Peter Kreeft. He is an intelligent philosopher who teaches philosophy at Boston College, I believe. He writes wonderful books about philosophy and faith and I buy everyone of them. (Some of them I read often.) Peter, in his book entitled, Your Questions God’s Answers, writes the following words of interest. “But do not let yourself be intimidated by atheists who claim that science disproves God. That is like claiming that studying Shakespeare’s plays disproves Shakespeare. If there were no God, there would be no science, because there would be no world for science to know.”Likewise, belief in science does not contradict belief in miracles. Science studies the way things usually work in the world, and it formulates laws to express these ways. Miracles are exceptions to these laws, but miracles presuppose these laws. If there were no scientific laws, there would be no sense in calling anything a miracle.”Exceptions to a law do not disprove the law. Suppose the President pardons a criminal. The laws of the court still hold, but the President adds something else from outside. The laws of the court are like the laws of science, and the Presidential pardon is like a miracle. “Suppose your employer gives you extra money for Christmas, over and above your paycheck. That does not disprove your contract, which tells you how much you usually get in your paycheck; it just adds to it. That is what a miracle does.”If there is a God, there can be miracles. If there is no God, there can be no miracles, because there is no one who has the supernatural power to do them.”God created the world by intelligent design. That is why science is possible. It is no accident that science arose in the West, which believed in the doctrine of the Creation, not in the Orient, which did not. Most of the great scientists in history have been Jews, Christians and Muslims, because these three religions believe that the world is created, therefore intelligently designed, ordered. Science and religions are allies, not enemies.”My friends, I can’t say it any better than that. That’s why I quoted Professor Kreeft heavily, word for word. Keep the faith. Stay the course. Jesus is coming soon. All the signs of creation point to this fact.Blessed, Pastor T.dash……..

About the Author

A pastor.

Border security advocates rallied a few days before the end of GWB’s presidency, in hopes of helping secure a pardon for border patrol agents whom, many feel, acted heroically in their efforts to apprehend a high-volume illegal alien drug dealer / Huntington Beach Dana Rohrbacher Monica Nacho Ramos Compean Border Patrol Johnny Sutton Minutemen Illegal Immigration Aliens Deport ICE Raids Border Fence Wall George Bush Amnesty Comprehensive Reform Lou Dobbs Gilchrist Commute Pardon

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