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Distinguishing Misdemeanors From Felonies

Felonies and Misdemeanors

As a United States citizen, you should familiarize yourself with our legal system. By doing so, you will know what acts are considered illegal and how you will be punished if you commit any of them.  Having a fundamental knowledge of this information is also crucial to understanding your rights and freedoms, as well as how our country is run in general.

In the US, there are two classifications of criminal actions: felonies and misdemeanors. They are formally distinguished by the amount of punishment that accompanies each one; misdemeanors are penalized by up to one year in prison while felonies are penalized by a prison sentence of one year or more. However, they are also set apart by the fact that misdemeanors are generally considered to be lesser criminal actions while felonies are graver illicit acts.


As mentioned, misdemeanors are considered to be lesser criminal actions. Even though they are not as serious as other crimes, however, they will still go on your criminal record and they will not go unpunished.  Depending on the charge, a misdemeanor can prevent someone from being accepted into school, from receiving a loan, from renting an apartment, or from getting a job.

While misdemeanor classifications vary from state to state, the following are typically considered to be misdemeanant actions:

·         Public intoxication

·         Petty theft

·         Prostitution

·         Disorderly conduct

·         Vandalism

·         DUI

·         Drug possession

Misdemeanors are further subcategorized depending on severity. Again, this is done so by the state. Therefore, a crime holding much weight in Texas, for example, may not be considered as severe in a different state, like Illinois.


As opposed to misdemeanors, felonies are considered to be much more serious criminal acts. Offenders face at least one year in jail, although the worst felonies may be punished by life in prison or even death, if the state supports capital punishment. Those convicted of felonious actions will also face much steeper fines. 

Again, like misdemeanors, felonies are classified on a state-by-state basis. However, the following are almost always considered felonious:

·         Grant theft

·         Robbery

·         Rape

·         Aggravated assault and battery

·         Murder

If you are convicted of a felony, not only will you face harsh punishment, but you will also have great difficulties finding future employment, being approved for apartments, and being accepted into school.

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Joseph Devine

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www.ithacadwi.com New York State considers any violation of law as an instance of professional misconduct. This misconduct will trigger an investigation and potential hearing concerning your licensure as a professional within New York. Your license is merely a permission, it is also your livelihood. This video explores when you need to notify your board of licensure about your criminal charges, and what you must prepare to have the best result. The list of licenses includes Chiropractors, Medical Doctors, Pharmacists, Nurses, Massage Therapists, Acupuncturists, Podiatrists, Dentists, and many others. NYS Board of Regents monitors these professions. Under NYS Education Law 6509 (5) (a) (I), any violation of NYS law is professional misconduct. Any DWI or other misdemeanor would be considered a violation and therefore an instance of professional misconduct. For further reading under New York State Education § 6530 there are 48 Definitions of Professional Misconduct. Those with professional licensure should be mindful of the minefield that awaits them if they accused of a crime or an act of misconduct. If you are facing a criminal charge always counsel with an attorney. Read my Blog, “New York Professional Licenses and DWIs” here: ithacadwi.blogspot.com Tolearn more about how DWI and other criminal cases work in the state of New York, I encourage you to explore my educational website www.ithacadwi.com. If you have legal questions, I urge you to pick up the phone and call me

Question by : Is a misdemeanor considered a “criminal conviction”?

Best answer:

Answer by laughter_every_day
A conviction for a misdemeanor is indeed a conviction for a crime.

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Kyle Thomas, 20, 3827 Petzinger Road, Columbus, underage consumption, $ 500 and costs, 10 days in jail, no criminal convictions or first-degree misdemeanor traffic offenses for five years. Misty Schaeffer, 33, 830 Keen St., resentencing on criminal …
Read more on Zanesville Times Recorder

Jennifer Petkov Arraigned in court: Up to 4 years in prison; loss of kids and being a felon. Ouch!

A woman who has gained worldwide notoriety for tormenting a 7-year-old girl dying of Huntington’s disease and her family was arraigned Friday afternoon in 33rd District Court on charges of felonious assault and reckless driving. If convicted of felonious assault, Jennifer Petkov, 33, of Trenton could face up to four years in prison. The charge of reckless driving is a misdemeanor and carries a sentence of up to 93 days in jail. Petkov is accused of trying to run over a neighbor at about 4:25 pm Wednesday as the woman was crossing the street in the 200 block of Detroit. Thirty-third District Judge Michael McNally set Petkov’s bond at 000/10 percent and scheduled a preliminary examination of the evidence against her for 8:30 am Oct. 26. Petkov’s attorney, Scott Weinberg, asked for a personal bond. He said Petkov is the mother of four children, is not a flight risk and has no criminal convictions. Trenton police Detective Sgt. James Smellie confirmed that there are no criminal convictions on Petkov’s record. He said, however, that police have had many incidents with her and she is on probation for a disorderly conduct charge. Smellie said there has been an ongoing feud between Petkov and a neighbor and it is escalating. The driving incident was witnessed by two people. Police were told that Petkov was in a red Impala in her driveway, with the vehicle facing the street. The witnesses said Petkov then attempted to run over the woman as she was crossing the street. The woman

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24 Responses to “Distinguishing Misdemeanors From Felonies”

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    What is the purpose of the agency?

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  • mikenbeth40165:

    Should of been 75 million! Plus her car impounded and license taken away forver! She needs to be institutionalized!

  • redbulljustice99:

    hey judge city of trenton you know this ladys a danger to herself and others we will hold you responsible when somthing happens and you know shes not mentally fit to raise kids and she just had another one shame on you city of trenton and child protective services

  • wiccanmoonman:

    Put her in a wood chipper feet first.

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    If i evr see this bitch haha. Ill show her a real devil.

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    I hope Jenifer gets kidnapped & raped multiple times daily by a gang for at least 7 days. Then her wrist are slit & she dies very slowly…SHE is ultimate TRASH & cannot make a contribution to society!!!!!!!

  • ShadieeDWilliams:

    put her in cook county Jail she wont make it out alive

  • judyluvsnoel:

    she seriously rivals casy anthoy for worst human on the earth. seriously. 4 years? seriously for attempted murder? and she confessed to it. our legal sentence is beyond screwed up.

  • cls225:

    Pepper spray up her tush would be better until the ENTIRE bottle is empty ! Having lost a child, I would probably KILL someone who spoke ill of my deceased child, let alone if he had been terminally ill? omygosh, hard to believe this type of EVIL exists.  She needs to keep herself off Dr. Phil, she only rehashed the whole thing by lying. She NEVER owned any of her part. NOPE, none 🙁

  • mahonystockebo:

    sick woman

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    If there was an ounce of justice in this sick woman’s world, a police officer would stick a taser up the demonic ass of the shitty jenifer petkov and turn the taser on full blast for a good one hour. Again, one can only hope!

  • MrIgottadrive:

    , dream on serious cause it would have happened already

  • craig79792000:

    One can only hope

  • MrIgottadrive:

    dont think that will happen, do you

  • craig79792000:

    I for one cannot wait to read HER obituary. She is pure evil, to the core. I hope the ghost of that sweet little girl haunts her for the rest of her miserable life. If I ever get diagnosed with a terminal illness, she will be first on my hit list. Someone needs to take out the trash.

  • MrColigings:

    They took her back or hanged her?

  • MrIgottadrive:

    I read she is back with her family free

  • MrColigings:

    Where is she now?

  • MrIgottadrive:

    this was in 2010

  • MrColigings:

    @TheDarkGourmet You make her out to be Mother Teresa. Unfortunately for your scenario, she’s not being arraigned for taunting little Kathleen. She tried to run someone down.

  • DeanaBryan:

    and they should charge admission for people to watch her get hers, and that poor little girls family should get all the money (and there would be alot of it !)

  • Jenna Alhger:


    a misdemeanor is a crime,and as a result is treated as such.

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