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Do Dirty Pick Up Lines Work?

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by JStove

Article by Scott Patterson

Imagine this…

…You’re out drinking somewhere with your friends. Across the room, you see a very attractive woman. You want to go talk to her, but you can’t think of anything to say. Unfortunately, you ask your buddies for advice. Since you’ve been drinking, some of their advice is pretty interesting, including the one about using dirty pick up lines to attract her attention.

The logic behind using dirty pick lines is to quickly build up sexual chemistry between you and an attractive woman. The problem is dirty pick lines rarely work. All they tend to do is insult a woman and make her disgusted by your actions.

For instance, if you watch the reaction of women when they are presented with dirty pick up lines, you’ll see their usually revolted by these comments and will quickly walk away from you. Recently I’ve made a point of listening to men as they approach women in a bar. Here are some of the best (or worst) dirty pick lines that I have heard:

“Life is too short! How about we have sex and see if there is anything after that?”

“If manage to take off my clothes, will you have sex with me?”

“I would love to swap body fluids with you!”

“Pardon me, but have we ever had sex?”

“We can’t ignore nature. We were made to have sex…so let’s get to it”

“How about this…you can try me for tonight. If you don’t like it, then you’ve only wasted five hours of your life…well maybe more if you want foreplay”

“I just took a Viagra. So we have less then half an hour to get back to my place”

Even though these dirty pick lines are pretty funny, they almost never work. Women don’t want to be bombarded with sexual offers when they first talk to a guy. Instead they want to first focus on building attraction and chemistry.

If you do your job right when you first talk to a woman, you’ll discover that it’s very easy to bring her home with you. So instead of trying to use dirty pick up lines, you should think of an opener that is both topical and will make you seem intriguing.

Even if you can’t think of anything to say, all you have to is walk up to her and introduce yourself. You’ll probably discover that this is a lot more effective then using a bunch of dirty pick up lines.

About the Author

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