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Doing a Criminal Records Search Using the Internet

A lot of people conducting a background check, for whatever reason they have in mind, use different methods in their search for criminal records. Public records like the history of an individual are readily available from a number of sources but it is also safe to assume that a lot of factors could affect the accuracy of each search and the number one determining factor is the source of the information.

Before the use of the internet became widespread, several options of obtaining a criminal record often yielded unfavorable results which could mean waste in time and money on the part of the one doing the search. The most basic way of conducting a criminal background check aside from using criminal records search service in the internet is by physically searching records available on various local police agencies and courthouses. By determining on which particular jurisdiction the person in question lives, you can go directly on the government agency that covers that particular jurisdiction, and from there, you can obtain permission for access on the particular record you want to obtain.

Government offices responsible for the criminal records you want to obtain often have certain guidelines to follow before they can release any records although they are considered as accessible to the general public. Included in these guidelines is the need to fill up an application form before you can gain access or before they release any particular personal record. This process often takes a lot of time before you can actually see results aside from the time you already wasted waiting in line for hours. Most often, government employees have a very busy schedule and you cannot guarantee that they would give enough time searching for the particular record and instead of searching from other sources; they would just tell you that there are no such records existing in their database.

But due to the advent of the internet and development of its services, a lot of criminal records search services offers invaluable services to the public when it comes to providing public records like criminal records about an individual who had some brushes with the law in the past. These criminal records search service providers can give a convenient way of locating records from different jurisdictions for any types of crimes either minor or major offenses like misdemeanor and or felony. Some of them even have an inmate locator with access to a lot of records from different prisons and jails countrywide. This is one of the reasons why looking for particular record on the internet often yields better results as compared to doing it the traditional way which is by physically searching records from different courthouses and law enforcement agencies.

The existence of criminal records search services has made the background check a lot easier and convenient since you can now conduct your search at the privacy of your own home. This will enable you to save a lot of money and time while obtaining accurate results for the criminal records you are looking for.

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This article is about using the internet when conducting a criminal background check. By using online criminal records search service providers, it is a lot easier and convenient to look for these records from different jurisdictions.

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This morning the FBI announced a new public service announcement featuring Michael Douglas, soliciting tips and information on securities fraud and insider trading. This is part of the continued push—and focus on a top FBI priority—to root out criminal behavior in the marketplace. Michael Douglas: “In the movie Wall Street I played Gordon Gekko, a greedy corporate executive who cheated to profit while innocent investors lost their savings. The movie was fiction, but the problem is real. Our economy is increasingly dependent on the success and integrity of the financial markets. If a deal looks too good to be true, it probably is.”

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Best answer:

Answer by Doodle Bug
Have you considered doing a Google search for it?

click here, and then click on “careers.” Good luck.

Add your own answer in the comments!
FS-ISAC warns of cyber attack on financial firms
FBI in the US has most recently floated a "fraud alert" suggesting financial services firms that cyber criminals may disrupt service to their websites in an effort to keep banks from noticing a recent surge in fraudulent large-sized wire transfers …
Read more on Banking Business Review

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US Air Force Office of Special Investigations Consisting of more than 2900 federal agents and support personnel, the Air Force Office of Special Investigations has been the Air Force’s major investigative service since Aug. 1, 1948. The agency reports to the Inspector General, Office of the Secretary of the Air Force. OSI provides professional investigative services to commanders of all Air Force activities. Its primary responsibilities are criminal investigations and counterintelligence services.

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20 Responses to “Doing a Criminal Records Search Using the Internet”

  • bigmanbreakfast:

    Michael Douglas doesn’t know the difference between a preferred stock and live stock.  Gekko needs to eat his lunch for him.

  • Nebojsa Marinkovic:

    SHAME DOESN’T HAVE PRICE FOR AMERICAN BUSINESS ? Web site designed to warn all firms to fraud and business ALPINE ARMORING Inc. and indicate to the judicial and security services of U.S.
    Deception with the intention, Lying , Blackmail , Bribery in order to earn extra profits
    Causing material and immaterial damages companies and family members

  • viccoscia:

    Mr. Douglas, I contacted FBI almost 3 years ago, other agencies, politicians and advocacy groups after that. After 4 years of “White-Collar Water-boarding”, I continue to wait for American justice.

  • kcrone1:

    SEC the most inept organization the US has.

  • Taught77:


  • liveonyourknees:

    Apparently $1b disappeared from MF Global (Investor Funds) just before it filed for bankruptcy. Where did the money go?
    Yo FBI, Do your facking job, throw these scum in jail.

  • Ashkalan:

    Rajaratnam & Madoff IDIOT…

  • Ashkalan:

    Maybe the only reason I like the FBI: They´re fuckin up the banks.

  • SuperThe86:

    A healthy economy should not be dependent on financial markets, period.

  • fiscalmeth:

    I guess it’s bad when individuals use money to make more money. But when politicians use actual militarily backed force to acquire wealth for themselves, it’s, for lack of a better word, good. Actors…

  • fiscalmeth:

    Insider trading is only harmful because it’s illegal and everyone isn’t doing it. Every single investor should be trying to acquire as much inside information as they can afford. The only group that should be banned from trading on inside information happens to be the only group that is currently permitted to do so… Lawmakers. Why doesn’t Michael Douglas protest against lawmakers buying stock right before they pass a law that favors certain companies??

  • billups33622321:

    I feel almost as bad as when I found out wrestling was fake. How could you GG?? :'(

  • Deanium7:

    Stop SOPA.

    Stop PIPA.

    Stop ACTA.

    We are anonymous.

    We are legion.

    We do not forgive.

    We do not forget.

    We are one.

    We are divided by zero.

    Expect us!

  • Caecarulf:

    Ooooohhhh Gordon Gecco rules!!!!


  • mehrbacklinks:

    That’s right, the real Gekko’s just print whatever they need 😉

  • Taught77:

    ha ha!

    hey FBI…. try arresting somebody then

  • facebookprogrammer:

    Ha! Even Bernie Madoff was low-level cannon fodder they threw under the bus compared to the real criminals on Wall Street. His $50 billion dollar theft was peanuts. Major dollar devaluation (inflation) is already showing, they can’t hide it any longer so they are campaigning like above so we get the illusion they are doing something about it. As if the general public is going to be submitting tips on hard core sophisticated Insider trading that not even the FBI themselves can touch HAHAHAHA…

  • yousubusu:

    its good that someone famous like michale douglas adresses that kinda problem, but cmon….
    the audio is total crap

  • Rotschild1957:

    now they will not do it anymore… rolleyes.. also this line ‘our economy is increasingly dependend on the succes of the financial markets’… very bad..

  • JAMES K:

    If you want a career with the real NCIS go to their website http://www.NCIS.Navy.Mil and communicate directly with them. They will tell you exactly what you need.

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