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Drag on the use of 3G mobile phone batteries

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Article by vivianyuru

<span><span lang=”EN-US”>“Why did your old cell phone can not get through?” Said Mr. Zhang satisfied with a friend. “I beg your pardon, because the cell phone power too fast, no one at the power.” Mr. Zhang has no choice but to respond to the case. Despite his hand this range 3G mobile phone features, but the cell phone battery power fast headache he left.</span></span><span lang=”EN-US”> <span>It is understood that from 2G to 3G, from GSM, CDMA to WIFI, WAPI, from voice calls to video calls … … the functions of mobile phones more and more consequential, more and faster consumption. Experts said the handset battery technology can not keep up with innovations much faster pace of innovation in mobile phones, mobile phone battery capacity constraints have become a major 3G use an important factor.</span> <span>2G times the has enough</span> <span>Your cell phone battery </span></span>sony vgp-bps6 battery you use? If your cell phone or a black-and-white screen, your business needs only a voice and text messages, you must use the cell phone battery a few days. However, if your cell phone is a 24-hour online mobile IM, mobile phones have a wide screen, you often use it to listen to music, surfing the Internet, watching video would also like to play video phone, I am afraid every day that you take turns at least two replacement batteries.

<span lang=”EN-US”> <span>In fact, cell phone batteries in an increasing number of applications has begun to 2G insufficient. This reporter has learned that the purchase of mobile phones at present, almost all equipped with a standard battery of 960 milliamperes. It is clear, however, to music, camera, Internet, which a standard cell phone battery is not enough. The industry, the mobile phone since the development of lithium battery power, except in mA at the same time to ensure that more can be done outside the small thinner, no more technical progress. So people tend to buy more than carry a mobile phone battery for emergency uses. An increasing number of mobile phone </span></span>sony vgp-bps7 battery brands have also begun with two standard batteries.

<span lang=”EN-US”> <span>Quite a number of domestic mobile phone brand mobile phone battery factory and third-party consumers are beginning to realize the demand for mobile phone batteries</span><span>  </span><span>. According to industry, the number of domestic brands in order to promote sales, equipped with two 1000 milliamperes even greater battery capacity. And third-party manufacturers for the production of some popular brands more than the original “thick power.”</span> <span>However, the problem seems to remain unresolved. To extricate itself from its “charge every day” or even “a few hours on one charge,” it seems the only option is to buy the phone more than function. Design Institute of Sichuan, as senior communications advisor Caldecott Cheng said: “Now the development of battery </span></span>sony vgp-bpl6 battery technology has lagged far behind the development of electronic technology.”

<span lang=”EN-US”> <span>3G mobile phone is even more astonishing power</span> <span>In 2009 with China’s entry into the 3G era, it seems that small cell phone is increasingly becoming a serious problem. In the 3G era, mobile phone access to the Internet, games, audio and video will be widely used further. However, all these applications require a longer period of time on the mobile phone operation, the needs of mobile phone battery can support a longer period of time. The hardware configuration of the rose, CPU processing speed of the upgrade, higher resolution, larger screen size, also need power protection.</span> <span>3G Portal recent survey </span></span>sony vgp-bpl7 battery shows that in 5000 users, 74% believe that mobile phone battery capacity is an important factor constraining 3G.

<span lang=”EN-US”> <span>Caldecott Cheng told reporters that the sound in the 3G network construction, we have decided to use the time the main battery is the development of 3G business model, that is, what type of 3G as its main business operations. Different operations, the consumption of electricity is not the same. For example, the video business is far greater than the reading on the business of electricity consumption. Although it is already a lot of new technologies such as fuel cell technology, but to use the terminal, there are still a long way to go.</span> <span>However, some industry analysts say there is no need for 3G cell development constraints would be too pessimistic. CCID Consulting analyst </span></span>vgp-bps15 Zhang Jing-Tao believe that the 3G battery is indeed a significant factor, but can not say that is the biggest bottleneck. Zhang Jing-Tao that, like South Korea’s 3G push in Japan very well, the battery does not become a bottleneck, he said, high-performance battery technology itself is not too much in the bottleneck. At the same time, Zhang Jing-Tao believe that battery technology is far less difficult to upgrade a wide range of 3G value-added business itself. He said: “Although 3G mobile phone use will not be as good as 2G days without charge, but if it is feature-rich, easy to use, reasonable rates, to meet consumer demand for personalized mobile phone, even if the charge will not let the daily consumption needs felt very bad. ”

<span lang=”EN-US”> <span>To solve the problem there are three ways to </span><span> </span> <span>Mobile phone batteries </span></span>vgp-bps15s for how to solve the problem, the industry pointed out that the following three methods:

<span lang=”EN-US”> <span>First, the invention of new batteries. Currently, manufacturers in Japan have shown a conceptual fuel cell technology. This fuel cell can be driven to make the Internet a few weeks this time of continuous work. The technology is likely to be applied to mobile phones. Conceptual solar cells and have also started to enter the broad field of research.</span> <span>Second, the invention of a new cell phone. There are cell phone manufacturers plan to launch the “Power King” of mobile phones, their design ideas in lithium power supply, the increase in a battery slot, you can use an ordinary battery-powered 7.</span> <span>Third, extensive phone</span><span> </span><span>charging station. It is understood that earlier in Guangzhou, “popular front”, the West Railway Station and other sports where there have been cell phone charging stations, only the amount required to pay more than you can in more than 10 minutes quick charge for mobile phones. Guangzhou also has a number of operators </span></span>vgp-bps15b in the business of the Office of the introduction of any free mobile phone charging service. And other cities also had a similar phenomenon.

<span lang=”EN-US”> <span>Related reports</span> <span>3G network, imperfect</span> <span>Astonishing power to mobile phones</span> <span>A short period of use indicate a need for a few hours on the charge, which is currently the reality of 3G mobile phones. Many domestic users of 3G mobile terminals do not understand it, if the maturity of 3G, the frequent use of a variety of new business led to amazing natural power is not difficult to understand, but why the current domestic 3G mobile phone applications is limited, so power consumption is serious?</span> <span>This reporter learned that, after consultation with the industry experts that this is currently on the 3G network, imperfect. According to industry experts, as a result of the current layout of the domestic 3G network not good enough, the total mobile phones in the search for signals, and a lot of points on the costs of electricity, resulting in at this stage the use of 3G mobile phone batteries are often very short time. Network optimization, etc. After changing the layout, similar problems will be solved.</span></span>

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