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DUI Expungement Basic Process

DUI Expungement can be achieved, although it’s not easy. Always consult with a competent attorney. Expungement is really a court-ordered process in which the legal document of an arrest is sealed or erased. Expungement is also legal process through which an arrest or conviction may be erased from a person’s criminal record. When a conviction is expunged, the process may also be known as “setting aside a criminal conviction.” The availability of expungement, and the method for getting an arrest or conviction expunged, will range according for the state or county in which the arrest or conviction occurred.

A DUI expungement ordinarily signifies that an arrest or conviction is erased from someone’s criminal record for most purposes. Right after the DUI expungement procedure is finished, an arrest or even a criminal conviction ordinarily doesn’t have to be disclosed by the particular person who was arrested or convicted. As an example, when filling out an application to get a job or apartment, an applicant whose arrest or conviction is expunged does not must disclose that arrest or conviction.

In most cases, no document of a DUI expunged arrest or conviction will show up if a prospective employer, academic institution, or other company conducts a public data inspection or background search of an individual’s criminal record.

A DUI expungement arrest or conviction is just not automatically completely erased, in the literal sense from the phrase. A DUI expungement will ordinarily be an available part of a person’s criminal file, viewable by selected government agencies, such as law enforcement along with the criminal courts. This limited accessibility is sometimes known as a criminal file currently being “under seal.” In some legal proceedings, this kind of as for the duration of sentencing for any crimes committed following an expungement, or in immigration / deportation proceedings, an expunged conviction that’s “under seal” might even now be regarded as evidence of a prior conviction.

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For more information please visit Expungement Attorney Mathew Higbee talks about the benefits of expungement.This video will briefly go over Expungement and Record and Sealing in the state of Oregon and provide viewers information on how to have their criminal record removed in a fast and safe manner.

Question by RaDaR: How does one file for misdemeanor expungement in California?
I pleaded guilty for a misdemeanor 5 years ago. I completed the probation without any problems. Now I am trying to expunge the record, and I am wondering how to do it.

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Answer by Noreen
Call your county courthouse clerk.

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Juveniles need protection from themselves
And it's why any record of a criminal offense can be expunged if a kid satisfies the conditions of probation. The idea is to rehabilitate and not punish — indeed to protect kids — a baseline philosophy that should guide all decisions made by the …

California expungement manual: Expunging California criminal convictions for immigration purposes

California expungement manual: Expunging California criminal convictions for immigration purposes

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Expungements Under New Jersey Law

A 10+ minute selection from the Garden State CLE course, “Expungements Under New Jersey Law”. Go to and earn credits now for this and dozens of other CLE courses on DVD, CD, MP3, and streaming video. A number of recent statutory changes and and new cases have dramatically expanded the number of people who qualify for an expungement of their criminal records. Learn how to change your client’s life and navigate the complex procedures associated with correctly filing an expungement.
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