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Egypt, Obama and the Unity Government

pardon granted
by vtemz

Article by Bruce Applegate

Soecial to the New Herald News, from Jerrold L. Sobel May 18, 2011

Let’s see, where should we start from? How about Egypt? It’s been reported in the Wall Street Journal and other media that the Administration is wary of the recent tone of the new democratic government in Egypt. Who would have ever guessed it? Another revelation, the Muslim Brotherhood, more popular than ever, will be putting up candidates in upcoming elections. In the May 6, article, entitled, “Egypt Front-Runner Seeks Israel Reset,” Amr Moussa, the former Foreign Minister under Mubarak is the leading candidate running for President. A supposed moderate, not affiliated with the Brotherhood, he took no time telling the world, if he wins there’s going to be changes to the relationship which has kept the peace with Israel over the past 32 years. Keep in mind as you are reading this, compared to Mohammed El Without equivocation, if elected, Moussa pledges to restore Egypt’s status as the pre-eminent Arab power in the region. To accomplish this he “demands a more populist perspective.” What this 74 year old, new actor on the world stage is saying, he wants to go back to the future. He wishes to return to the good old days of Gamal Abdel Nasser, where the flames of hatred were fanned by the government to an ever receptive society. A society impoverished in part from 4 wars with Israel; Israel’s War of Independence in ’48, the Suez War in ’56, the Six Day War in ’67, and the Yom Kippur War in 73. This is the path the newly democratic leadership of Egypt wishes to return to. Regardless who wins in the upcoming elections, when it comes to Israel and U.S. interests, the choice will be between worse or worst. What a surprise, old Mubarak wasn’t yet hooked up to his respirator before these new honchos opened the borders between Egypt and Gaza.

More surprises, with near unanimous support from a hateful populace these new freedom lovers are now buddying up to Iran; After 32 years both nations are undergoing a rapprochement; Iranian warships are now allowed passage through the Suez Canal; ambassadors and mutual diplomatic recognition has been exchanged. For you history geeks like me, doesn’t this have the feel of the Hitler/Stalin non-aggression pact of 1939? This is the situation the U.S. So gleefully escorted Mubarak out the door for.

Say what you want about the old tyrant; and there’s plenty to say, but for over 30 years he scrupulously maintained the peace with Israel and a loyal friend of the United States. A corrupt government, no doubt, but that’s almost a compliment in that neck of the woods. In reference to Anastasio Somoza, a Nicaraguan dictator, Franklin Roosevelt is famous for having said, “He may be a son-of-a bitch but he’s our son-of-a bitch.” Vis a vis the United States, that sums up Mubarak.

Can you deal with yet another surprise? The State Department was once again caught flat footed by the Egyptian mediated Palestinian Unity government. An amalgam of killers from Hamas combined with murderers representing Fatah. If not so tragic, the quagmire this Administration has placed itself in would be laughable.

So where does this leave, if you’ll pardon the expression, the Peace Movement?” (my emphasis). Logically, seeing all that’s going on in that wretched neighborhood and with Hamas, an unrepentant bunch of terrorists comprising the “Unity Government,” you would think all bets are off. The pressure on Israel to grant un-reciprocated land concessions to the Palestinians would be lifted; not a chance. Although the American people and the Congress would never go along with it, don’t be shocked to see the Obama Administration develop a proviso under which Israel will be pressured to negotiate with this government. (my emphasis). For instance something bogus like, the PLO will handle all diplomatic and foreign policy issues and Hamas will only be in charge of the military. If you were an Israeli, wouldn’t that sound comforting to you?

Proving that great minds think a like, the May 8, 2011, New York Post editorial seems to concur, the the casuistry has already begun. The article highlights a recent quote by Secretary of State Clinton. Referring to this new unholy alliance she stated, “We are going to be carefully assessing what this actually means, because there are a number of different potential meanings to it.” Wow, yet another surprise. I wonder where she’s going with this? In dip lo-speak she’s saying, come hell or high water, this Administration is going to relentlessly pressure Israel into negotiating her own demise. Obama’s obsession with a Middle East peace process will remain incessant, irrespective of the terrorist composition of this new Unity government. How prodding the only Jeffersonian democracy in the region to cede land to professed enemies of both the United States and Israel is beyond comprehension. Evidently, our Secretary of State must have missed the remarks made last week by khaled Meshaal, the head of Hamas. Mourning the death of his patron saint Osama Bin Laden, Meshaal praised Bin Laden as an “An Arab holy warrior.” This lovely guy then went on to say, “our only fight is with Israel;” so far. This is who the Secretary of State at the behest of her boss will continue to cajole Israel to deal with: “A Perfidious Pact.”

For those that never read the Hamas Charter, check it out in the attached URL. If you haven’t already it’s understandable. What’s not understandable is in lieu of the Charter and all that’s been professed, why Washington isn’t the party calling off peace talks with this terrorist entity and providing Israel with political cover on the world stage? Either they haven’t read the “Hamas Charter of 1988” lately, or they could care less: (Hamas Charter of 1988:

Speaking of Hamas, even after reading this blood soaked manifesto, you have to hand it to them, they were elected democratically. If elections are the sole criteria for American and EU support for populist movements in the Middle East, Hamas and soon Egypt have met the benchmark. Trivial matters such as, freedom of speech, women’s rights, gay rights, freedom of religion, and matters of such, I guess they’ll deal with later. This unity government, composed of terrorists is now the poster child for what democracy means to the Arab world. Of course is with the exception of Israel, a tiny Island of renaissance surrounded by a sea of tyranny.

In fairness to Obama, preceding him, other progressive visionaries have attempted to resurrect the defunct, white man’s burden concept of nation building in our image. Look up Carter and Iran and Bush 2. They also lauded free, democratic elections between Hamas and Fatah, only to have Fatah lose both the election and a war with their co-terrorist cousins in Gaza. With this in mind, is it presumptuous to consider what would happen if the bad terrorists, Hamas, once again defeated the good terrorists, the PLO and take control of the West Bank altogether? What would territorial concessions and settlement dismantlement mean to Israel under this predictable scenario? For the absurdity of a peace that can never be, Israel would be faced with an enemy sworn to her destruction on two sides in the South; an equally vehement one in the North, Hezbollah, and by a resurgent and increasingly belligerent Egypt in the West.

To the East it is no picnic either. As mentioned earlier, the rapprochement between the Ayatollahs and the new crazies in Egypt does not bode well for Israel either. With Egypt Soon to be allied with Hamas, can anyone doubt the ease in which weapons and personnel will now flow into Gaza? Can anyone also doubt Egypt’s position when Israel is forced to once again go to war with Hamas?

Couple all this with the fragility of both the tyrannical Assad government in Syria, and the Hashemite monarchy in Jordan and you have to wonder, based upon these enumeration’s, how is it this Administration, if acting in good faith doesn’t publicly acknowledge the peace talks, are now officially dead? What will it take for the President to realize the sworn enemies of Israel are the sworn enemies of the United States. Presiding over the potential dismantling of your chief ally in the region weakens the United States as well and will win no friends among the Islamists.

In 7 days, May 24th 2011, Prime Minister Netanyahu will be giving what should be the speech of his life before the 112th Congress. Fittingly, he’ll be doing it before this body and not the White House. His narrative will determine whether he intends to play along with this peace negotiation charade being forced upon him or with congressional support, pursue other more sensible options in the days and months ahead.

(, and whomever the Brotherhood puts up, this guy is the softy. (

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