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Eligibility for Pell Grants for the Summer College Semester

Article by Hussein

Do you know you could win up to 200% of your awards in a single year? No this is not a trick, it’s as simple as enrolling for the summer college semester and taking a minimum number of required courses to apply. If you will attend college during the summer break, you can apply for a 2nd Pell grant in the same academic year. By taking summer courses, you are taking a faster step towards your career and you will be done with school in lesser time than those students taking the summer off. As a general rule of thumb, to apply during summer, you must be taking at least 6 credit hours.

Summer Federal Eligibility Rules

* You must have already completed your first year of College (Fall & Spring semesters). Graduating high school seniors are not eligible to apply for Summe

* You must have passed at least 24 credit hours between the fall & spring semesters of that year before you are eligible to apply for the summer semester.

* You must have filed an application or Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) in the year you are to receive the award.

* Some credit hours you take in the summer must be ones which you can apply to your next academic year.

If a student wins for a particular semester and for the reasons below is not able to complete the required credit hours, the US Department of Education will pardon him. The reasons are:

* Provable illness * Required courses not offered in that semester

Benefits of Summer Federal Awards

* Students who win a Pell Grant for the Fall semester and apply for the Summer semester & meet all requirements will have their Pell Grant funds automatically disbursed by their college.

* If a student’s application form for the next year has a higher Expected Family Contributions (EFC) number or that the Pell grant award was increased in the next year & the summer pell grant award was assigned to the lesser paying year, your college must increase the Pell grant award payment & rebate you the difference.

* College transfer students are eligible for Summer Pell grants too, even if their first award was used at a different college or university. Qualifying credits will be based on the amount of the award given at the first school. As an example, if a student completes his Diploma at University A in Spring 2011 and attends University B in Summer 2011, then his Summer Pell grant award will be distributed by University B. Normally you would have to tell the financial awards office of University A to distribute the funds to University B. Remember, your award is portable and it belongs to you, not your university or college.

* If there is a portion of your first award that has not been paid out and you are eligible to receive a 2nd award for the summer, then these funds will be paid out together.

About the Author

Learn to get free Pell grants from the US Department of Education including Pell grant application & eligibility criteria. The maximum limit for 2011 school year is ,500 and applications are free.

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