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Elope on a Payday Loan!

Article by Brendon Heins

In a world where trial marriages, live-in arrangements, premarital sex and estranged parents raise no eyebrows and invite no censure, elopement is both a romantic and practical option for couples. And don’t think that elopement is an old-fashioned tradition meant to buck parental authority though you can definitely save a buck when you finance your wedding with a one-time payday loan!

Reasons for Elopement

You can choose to elope with any and all of these reasons: 1) you don’t want to be the center of attention in a room filled with people ala Maggie Carpenter; 2) you are terrified of the ,000 average cost of weddings compared to the ,000 elopement cost that can be financed with a payday loan and your savings; 3) you feel that elopement is more romantic and will give you fun memories for when you are old and gray; and 4) you want a destination wedding with a casual feel.

Whatever your reason, you have to plan your elopement to make the memories last a lifetime of marriage. Keep your fingers crossed.

Planning an Elopement

When planning your getaway marriage, you have to remember that it also takes careful planning on your part, not least of which is the state laws you will be getting married under. You can follow this simple checklist:

First, you have to decide for an elopement as a couple simply because you cannot get married on your own. Otherwise, you can just forget taking out the payday loan and instead settle for a bigger bank loan.

Second, you have to determine your budget. Open your starry eyes and accept that even elopements to Las Vegas cost money. Of course, if you want to stay within the proceeds of your payday loan, which can reach as much as ,500, plus a little of your savings for extras, then go ahead. In fact, you are making a wise decision in limiting your wedding costs to the basics. After all, a wedding is a day in the life of fools, er pardon me, lovers but a marriage is forever and one you should save for.

Third, choose your preferred destination vis-à-vis facilities, marriage laws in terms of filing times and documentary requirements, and ceremonies. For example, you might love to get hitched under same-sex marriages but you still have to inquire as to residency and other proofs. Or you can let hotels with wedding planners do all the work and you just sit back, relax and wait to get tied, er pardon me again, committed in marriage. Again, determine if your payday loan can get you through the day.

Fourth, tell your friends and family about your elopement plans. Or maybe not since you want it to be hush-hush.

These being said, you can make your elopement as simple as teenagers eloping to escape parental censure – in everyday clothes, with just the minister and two witnesses present as bridal party – or as extravagant as celebrity weddings in exotic destinations.

Then again, be sure that when you do opt for the latter, you will have enough funds in addition to your payday loan. Elopement can cause the walking away of cash from your pockets, too, you know!

About the Author

Wishing to elope on a budget? Then visit and get payday loans Canada and payday loans in Ontario today. With a payday loan, you can elope now!

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