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Employee Criminal Background Check – 3 Steps to Choosing the Top Criminal Screening Service

Many companies require an employee criminal background search be done prior to being hired. Whether you are an individual or an employer this article will explain 3 simple steps to finding the best online criminal background check services and explain the reasons.

Many people do not know that there are several private companies online who provide free employee background check services. These services are perfect for individuals looking to get a criminal check on themselves to provide an employer.

Some of these companies also provide free employee background services for a limited time and then charge fees monthly. This is usually a great option for employers who need to conduct several background checks for potential employees.

Here Are 3 Steps to Getting the Right Employee Criminal Background Check Services

1. Know What Information You Need

There is no point in just signing up for any free criminal background service if you do not know what you need first. For example some companies offer more information than others when doing a simple name, and DOB check, meaning they have access to more databases. It helps to choose a company that provides the most information so you can weed out what you do not need later.

2. Understand The Reasons For The Check

Some people just need a simple check done to verify a persons identity and whether there are any potential hits on the criminal databases. Some people who work with children or vulnerable people will need a much more in depth background investigation. For these people it is absolutely imperative that information obtained online be double checked for accuracy, and verified with police.

3. Take Advantage of Free Employee Background Checks

Free services are great for an employee and employers. If you are an individual you can obtain your criminal record today online for free and not have to pay anything, however there are certain steps you need to take. Also, if you are an employer you can test out the services of major competitors simply by trying the free weekly trials or unlimited services for 7 days options that some companies offer.

For information on the top recommended free employee criminal background check services click Employee Background Checks [].

You will get 4 easy steps to receive in depth criminal records absolutely free.

Click Free Credit Reports [] if you need free credit reports and protection from identity theft.

Article Source:

RNC Release Video in Armed Robbery Investigation (ST. JOHN’S, NL), August 21, 2012–The Royal Newfoundland Constabulary (RNC) is requesting the assistance of the general public in identifying the person responsible for an armed robbery at a commercial business on Bay Bulls Road in St. John’s, NL. On Monday, July 30, 2012 at approximately 10:50 PM, RNC Officers from Patrol Services, K9, Forensic Identification Section and the Criminal Investigation Division responded to an armed robbery at Ultramar on Bay Bulls Road in St. John’s. The suspect entered the store and stole cash and cigarettes before fleeing the scene. The male suspect is described as approximately 5′ 5″, wearing a black hoodie, dark pants, grey winter hat and white sneakers. The male had his face concealed at the time of the incident. The RNC General Investigation Unit is continuing to investigate this armed robbery and is seeking the assistance of the general public. Anyone that has information that would assist in identifying the person responsible or anyone that may have any information in relation to this crime is asked to contact the RNC at 729-8000 or Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-TIPS (8477). You can now provide information anonymously on the NL Crime Stoppers Website at
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Question by bob: if you join the armed services and you have pending criminal charges will the charges be droped for joinng?

Best answer:

Answer by J’adore

Depending on the crime you may even get kicked out.

Know better? Leave your own answer in the comments!
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The governor also said he had asked for an investigation by Secretary of Health and Human Services JudyAnn Bigby into the problems and the “delay” in reporting those problems to him and to the state's district attorneys. The state's criminal justice …
Read more on Eagle-Tribune

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27 Responses to “Employee Criminal Background Check – 3 Steps to Choosing the Top Criminal Screening Service”

  • donnie h:

    thats what i thought my friend got busted for poaching deer at night and said he was gona go join the army and they would get all of his charges droped for him

  • CZA:

    NO…..first if all you can’t join the military with any pending charges because you are supposed to reveal all incidents with law enforcement to your recruiter, PRIOR to enlisting. If somehow a person managed to slip through the cracks, which can happen if a recruit ships to training within 30 days, when your security check finishes being run you will get pulled out of training. This is a bad thing, becaus eif you didn’t tell your recruiter about you’ll be flagged as a fradulent enlistment, and if you do clear up your legal troubles it would be very hard to rejoin.

    That go to war or go to jail stuff is done and over with. The best guideline is to tell your recruiter eerything, and if you are still qualified, he’ll tell you what avenues you need to take to clear up any legal mess.

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