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Erap will support top RP presidential candidate in 2010

Article by Maynard Joseph Delfin

As the 2010 national poll in the Philippines nears, ousted President Joseph Estrada is determined to be visible again. But this time, he will not be a running candidate but a supporter of who will top the surveys as the next president.

Whoever he or she will be, the former president will give his 100-percent support and personally campaign him or her toward his or her landslide victory. The fortunate candidate will be asked to be the standard bearer of the opposition.

He said if it will be Senator Manny Villar, one of the members of the Congress responsible in transmitting the impeachment case against him, it is fine for as long as Villar will continue his pro-poor policies and will have good platforms that will help in improving the country’s economy.

Estrada said he has no grudges to all the people who have done wrong to him. Now, a freeman, after being pardoned by President Gloria Arroyo, he said he has no plans of running for office. He is comfortable with being a private citizen and an elder statesman.

When asked about his views on the scandals hounding the Arroyo government, Estrada said Mrs. Arroyo should be compelled to answer all the allegations thrown against her. But with the current president’s immunity, he said it will be difficult to do that. He is hoping in time when Mrs. Arroyo’s term has ended, it will be the moment to let her clean her name on the number of scandals under her leadership.

Estrada said he would block any attempt of Mrs. Arroyo to extend her term. Certainly, the national polls in the Philippines will be very interesting since Estrada is very eager to push any candidate whom he believes has a greater chance of succeeding Pres. Arroyo’s governance. Meanwhile, Mrs. Arroyo is also on the look out of who she will endorse as the administration candidate.

My only hope for these coming elections is that everything will be clean, honest and if possible violent-free. Time and again, the Philippine elections have a number of cheating, killing and all sorts of coercion cases.

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