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Escaping a Felony – Expunge, Seal and Deliver

In today’s economy, it is imperative that you address something as detrimental to your job prospects as a criminal past. If you have a felony in your background, it is likely already readily apparent that your opportunities are limited. If it has not as of yet, it likely soon will.

States differ in the way they handle felony convictions. In some states, such as Alabama, there is no such thing as “expungement” unless the charges against your are ultimately dismissed. In contrast, in a state like California, there is a myriad of ways that one can address their criminal record. In the gray of the expungement spectrum are states like Virginia or Tennessee that allowed for judicial diversion of certain first time offenses.

It is important that you do your research prior to deciding on what can be done with your criminal record. In addition to expungements, there are other methods depending on the state. Some states allow you to alternatively “seal” your record, such as Maryland. In other states, offenses pardoned by the governor can then be expunged. This is the case in West Virginia.

Nowadays, with the job market so tight, it is imperative that you do all you can to minimize the impact of your criminal record. The economy is sluggish at best, and as long as the job market remains as tight as it currently has been, even a minor criminal record can mean the real difference between an employee and earning a living and continued unemployment.

In fact, even an accusation of criminal conduct can be detrimental to a job application. In practically every instance, a charge that has been dismissed can ultimately be sealed or expunged. Even if you have never been convicted of a crime, the evidence and stigma of the accusation can still linger. Despite the best intentions of human nature, the beyond reasonable doubt standard is largely a legal concept. Everyday experience works more pragmatically on a “probably” standard. As such, it is in your best interest to erase every bit of public evidence relating your engagement with the criminal justice process.

The next step is finding competent legal counsel to assist you in addressing your record. Be sure to consult a legal professional – myriad “expungement services” exist on the web that will gladly take your hard-earned money without any assurances whatsoever as to whether your record can actually be expunged. The difference is that a licensed lawyer has an ethical obligation to be up front with you about the state of the law, and is much less likely to take your payment without some assurances about what is a likely result. Regardless, delay works against you as laws often change.

Nathan Moore is a defense lawyer and expungement attorney located in Nashville, Tennessee. He works with individuals daily who want to expunge their criminal records. This is especially the case if you have a felony. Expunge your record today by contacting Mr. Moore though his website or by phone directly at 615.346.2213.

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Question by t: What to do if dept of Revenue files an expungement of your tax lien?
the credit bureau wont remove it, do they have to? Even though the dept of revenue made a mistake

Best answer:

Answer by tro
you probably need to get a notarized statement of DOR’s actions to present to the credit bureau
not any easy thing to get that removed from your credit report

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