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Escorts Agency and Christmas

Article by Vanya Grand

Christmas is a dynamic festivity. From humble beginnings it has spread across the world, engulfing most of the west once a year in a sea of Christmas lights and wrapping paper. Even the most fundamental Christians must accept that, while it is basically a celebration of their saviour’s birth, it has evolved into an entity of its own. What do snowmen have to do with saviours? Nothing. But they are closely linked with Christmas, most likely because most of the countries who celebrate Christmas find themselves deep in the depths of winter when Christmas comes around. Yet in baking hot antipodean countries, they might still string up snowmen shaped decorations on their plastic Christmas tree. What most people associate with Christmas is the giving and receiving of gifts. This makes it an immensely popular festivity among children and an ideal opportunity for companies to take advantage of. Due to the all reaching influence of Christmas, customers are hundreds of times more likely to purchase things in shops, and are far more receptive to advertisement than they would be at any other time of year. As people grow older, the tendency to exchange gifts continues. Some even exchange gifts in the form of services. Someone might hire a girl from an escorts agency for their friend, knowing how much he enjoys the company of women. However, it seems to only be leisurely services that are exchanged as Christmas gifts, a girl from an escort agency, a day at a massage parlour, these are acceptable gifts. It would be slightly strange if someone hired a plumber to fix their friend’s leaking hot tap as a Christmas gift. Gifts tend to be all about leisure, as Christmas is a time to forget about work, meaning a girl from an escort agency will be far more appreciated than a plumber.

The idea that Christmas is snowballing (pardon the pun) on its own momentum and is fast losing sight of its foundations is an idea held by many. Almost as loud as the abrasive and terrible songs heard in supermarkets is the braying of the self proclaimed moralists who spew variations on the theme that “Christmas is getting too materialistic”. But it also offers a chance for tremendous unity, especially between families and close friends. Whether or not friends do exchange gifts like games consoles or services like a girl from an escorts agency, people from all over will still enjoy communal meals together. Christmas offers a chance of genuine bonding other times of year do not really allow for. So whether it does forget its roots or promote excess materialism, it is not yet an evil, hollow shell of a celebration by a long way.

About the Author

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