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Article by James Brown

We can spend a lot of money on buying books, about one hundred dollars for a newborn, another hundred on a toddler, and so on. Or you can subscribe to a couple of magazines that talk about the nine months of pregnancy to childbirth to the teenager.

The most common magazine is Parenting, you will receive 22 issues for an amazing price of .97, an 89% savings. This magazine is devoted to helping you raise loving, smart and self-confident children. It talks about issues and child development for all age groups. Advice and articles that talks about your babies’ emotional and social development and health and safety information. And ways to stimulate your!babies learning process. The cover topics such as stress and your baby, post pardon depression, which over 50% of new mothers experience.

If you are pregnant than Pregnancy is the magazine for you, especially if this is your first pregnancy. Paying a dollar an issue you will receive 12 issues, one a month for .00. This magazine offers every tip and advice while being pregnant to giving birth to your newborn. If you are trying to get pregnant this magazine is also great because it talks about conception and ways to conceive a baby and those secret positions to conceiving a boy or a girl. Recipes that is healthy for a pregnant mother to eat, exercises that are safe for you do while pregnant. And many articles that talk about every subject and every question you could possibly have as a new mother or if this is your third child this magazine is very helpful.

Psychology Today is not really a parenting magazine but it can be very helpful if you are pregnant or a mother. It explores human behavior, what triggers are emotions and causes us to act this way. Whenever you are pregnant you can be very emotional, one minute sentimental the next you want to be left alone and in a foul mood. Having kids can cause problems with yourself or with your spouse, everything is changing at once. So, with this magazine you will be able to read self-help articles that deal with relationships, anxiety, parenting, careers and everything else that triggers depression or loneliness.

Visit for more parenting magazines, since they don’t offer many magazines here are a few more websites for magazines for parenting and pregnancy.

Those are just a few more websites you can visit and usually at the bottom of the websites they offer other sites just like them. Happy parenting

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