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Expungement Lawyer: Working to Free Your Record of Crime

Even if you were declared “not guilty” that criminal charge is still on your record and comes up during every background check run by potential employers, mortgage lenders, landlords, and other. It affects countless situations throughout the rest of your life. Wouldn’t it be great if you could get it blocked out from your record, so no one need know that it ever occurred? That’s just what an expungement lawyer can do for you!

The Expungement Process

You’ll first meet with an expungement lawyer to determine your eligibility. To be eligible for expungement in many states, several factors must be in line. The case you are filing to have expunged needs to be closed and you must never have been convicted of a crime, either during that closed trial or another trial. In other words, you should never have received a verdict of “guilty.” You can’t expunge multiple cases, and you can’t be on parole or probation while applying for the expungement.

After determining your eligibility, there’s a bunch of paperwork you’ll need to gather and complete: an application, fingerprinting form, and a certified copy of the disposition of the case you are asking to be expunged.

You can obtain an application for a Certificate of Eligibility from your state’s Department of Law Enforcement. Usually either you can get a hard copy from your local office or you can download a PDF copy on the website. Once you’ve accurately filled out the application, you’ll need to have it notarized. Usually you’ll sign the form in front of the notary, and then they’ll notarize it. Notaries typically charge a small fee.

Section A requires your personal information and a list of the charges which you wish to be expunged. Once you’ve completed Section A of the application, you’ll need to contact your expungement lawyer to complete Section B.

Next, you’ll complete the fingerprint form that comes with the application. An official must be the one to document your fingerprints. You can’t do them yourself at home!

Finally, you’ll need to get a certified (or stamped copy) disposition of the case you wish to have expunged. The county where you were convicted should have this information. You’ll need to contact the clerk of court in that county and ask for a certified copy.

After all the paperwork has been filled out accurately and signed by the appropriate officials, you’ll need to seal it all, along with a processing in a large envelope and send it to your state’s Department of Law Enforcement. Usually you can obtain an address online.

In some cases, you will need to appear in court in order to obtain expungement for your criminal record. In others, the application will be processed and accepted without a court appearance. Finally, in some cases the expungement is denied. If your expungement lawyer has helped you complete a thorough review of your eligibility, you should have no problem being accepted. But if you are denied, you can still file for the criminal charges to be sealed, making them unavailable to the general public.

A St Petersburg expungement lawyer can help to clean up your record after you’ve brushed up against the law. Talk to a professional today at

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Question by John S: Where can I get help with expungement in Oregon?
I’m applying for a new job, but have a criminal record (Nothing major). Can anyone let me know whom I should turn to for help? I don’t have much money, but am willing to spend some to get it done right. I would much prefer to do it myself, but do need some guidance. Anything anyone can recommend would be most appreciated.

Best answer:

Answer by piercing s
easy answer call an attorny

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He is working with the state attorney general's office to determine the legality of expungement and said he would like to have an answer at Monday's meeting. “As of today, I do not believe the council has the authority to place an expungement provision …
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How Do I Expunge My DUI Record, What Can I Do I Got Caught? Have You Recently Been Pulled Over And Cited For A DUI or Drunk Driving Offense? Maybe You Have An Older DUI Conviction Record? Clear All of Them! Get your free report NOW

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2 Responses to “Expungement Lawyer: Working to Free Your Record of Crime”

  • updatedstateofmind:

    not in NJ haha you’ll get stuck with it for 10 years….
    No. New Jersey does not offer any restricted driving privileges for suspended licenses. In addition, pursuant to N.J.S.A. 39:3-40, in NJ a dwi/dui is considered a traffic offense and can not be EXPUNGED ..although it’ll not sohow on your crinal record but it’ll stay on your DMV

  • croftplayer30:

    you only have a criminal record if you were convicted of a crime. if you were charged but not found guilty or it was dismissed you do not have a criminal record therefore it cannot be used against you. if you were arrested but found innocent or it was dismissed you can call a lawyer and for about 300 to 400 bucks they can have it expunged for you. at least that is what my lawyer told me.

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