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Article by Howerwesa Ldosfwe

“They aren’t right here,” stated Melanie, a chill in her comfortable voice.

“Are you certain?”

“Don’t you query Miz Wilkes’ term,” stated Archie, his beard bristling.

“I beg your pardon, Mrs. Wilkes. I meant no disrespect. Should you give me your term, I won’t lookup the residence.”

“You have my phrase. But research for those who like. They may be at a meeting downtown at Mr. Kennedy’s shop.”

“They aren’t in the retailer. There was no meeting tonight,” answered the captain grimly. “We will wait outdoors till they return.”

He bowed briefly and went out, closing the door driving him. Individuals within the residence observed a sharp buy, muffled from the wind: “Surround the home. A guy at each and every window and door.” There was a tramping of ft. Scarlett examined a begin of terror as she dimly observed bearded faces peering within the

windows at them. Melanie sat down and using a hand that didn’t tremble arrived at to get an e-book within the table. It had been a ragged duplicate of Les Miserables, that e book which caught the fancy with the Confederate troopers. They’d study it by campfire light and took some grim enjoyment in calling it “Lee’s Miserables.” She opened it in the center and started to study inside a obvious monotonous voice.

“Sew,” commanded Archie inside a hoarse whisper plus the 3 girls, nerved by Melanie’s amazing voice, selected up their sewing and bowed their heads.

How lengthy Melanie study beneath that circle of viewing eyes, Scarlett by no means understood however it appeared hrs. She didn’t even listen to a phrase that Melanie study. Now she was starting to assume of Frank together with Ashley. So this was the explanation of his obvious relaxed this night! He had promised her he might have absolutely nothing to perform using the Klan. Oh, this was just the type of difficulty she had feared would occur on them! All of the operate of this final calendar year would go for absolutely nothing. All her struggles and fears and labors in rain and cold had been thrown away. And who might have believed that spiritless aged Frank would get himself combined up within the hot-headed doings from the Klan? Even at this moment, he may be dead. And when he was not dead along with the Yankees caught him, he’d be hanged. And Ashley, also!

Her nails dug, into her palms till 4 bright-red crescents showed. How could Melanie study on and on so calmly when Ashley was in peril of getting hanged? When he could be dead? But one thing inside the great smooth voice studying the sorrows of Jean Valjean steadied her, held her from leaping to her ft and screaming.

Her thoughts fled back again towards the evening Tony Fontaine had occur to them, hunted, exhausted, with out dollars. If he had not attained their residence and obtained income and also a clean horse, he would have already been hanged extended due to the fact. If Frank and Ashley had been not dead at this extremely moment, they had been in Tony’s place, only even worse. Using the residence surrounded by troopers they could not occur house and acquire income and clothing with out getting captured. And likely each and every residence up and down the street had a comparable guard of Yankees, so that they couldn’t implement to close friends for assist. Even now they may be riding wildly by means of the evening, bound for Texas.

But Rhett?aperhaps Rhett had attained them soon enough. Rhett constantly had a lot of money in his pocket. Probably he would lend them adequate to determine them by means of. But which was queer. Why ought to Rhett bother himself about Ashley’s security? Absolutely he disliked him, unquestionably he professed a contempt for him. Then why?a But his riddle was swallowed up within a renewed concern for that security of Ashley and Frank.

“Oh, it really is all my fault!” she wailed to herself. “India and Archie spoke the facts. It really is all my fault. But I never ever believed both of them was foolish sufficient to enroll in the Klan! And I in no way believed something would seriously occur to me! But I could not have performed in any other case. Melly spoke the facts. People today need to do what they’ve to complete. And I’d to maintain the mills likely! I’d to get funds! And now I will almost certainly shed everything and by some means it is all my fault!”

Following a lengthy time Melanie’s voice faltered, trailed off and was silent. She turned her head towards the window and stared as although no Yankee soldier stared back again from powering the glass. The other people elevated their heads, caught by her listening pose, and so they as well listened.

There was an audio of horses’ ft and of singing, deadened from the closed windows and doorways,

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