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Failure Is NOT An Option

Article by Tony Bryan

Hello,I’m Tony Bryan and I’m here to teach you how to make a full time income in MLM and Affiliate marketing, and the training is FREE.

I’ve been using the Internet for a little over 4 years and three and three quarters of them were a real waste of time, money and effort, and the main reason for that was that I didn’t know what I was doing. Nobody had bothered to teach me – if they themselves knew!

I’ve been in and out of a few MLM programmes as well as being involved in Affiliate marketing, so I know what both have to offer.

Now, don’t misunderstand me. There is nothing wrong with MLM or Affiliate marketing – if you know the RIGHT way to do either.

You see, like I used to be and do (but not now), there are so many in the world who are told that MLM or Affiliate marketing is the right way to go – correct – in part, and the ‘part’ is the missing link.

Take good old MLM – you see a programme and you look at the company (its been going for a few years) and the comp plan (good one) and after delving a bit and some due diligence you pay money and sign up.

What do you get? Loads of emails extolling the company and the comp plan; emails from your upline telling you to make a list of 100 people you know, talk to friends and family, go to talk to people in shopping malls, print business cards and you’ll succeed – SO THEY SAY! None of these ever work.

BUT what do uplines know? Not a lot is the quick answer, because if they did there would be loads of very wealthy people out there.Similar remarks apply to Affiliate marketing.In both cases, the probability is that you’ll be promoting a company replicated website.I know – I’ve done it and much good it did me!

Profits in my first three and a half years – not even enough to pay for advertising – not even low budget advertising.. It was a constant struggle. I spent money on buying leads and that was a pure waste of time and more importantly money. I spent too much money on courses and ebooks in the hope that they would tell me how to make moneyon the net. I didn’t seem to be able to make more than a couple of hundred dollars a month.

Then, a short while ago I was introduced to Norbert ( you’ll see him on the video) who introduced me to a system and a different way of looking at my business, which completely changed my resolve..He told me that I was trying to build my business “arse about face” – if you’ll pardon my French. He said you’ll never sell anything to anybody until you have their trust!

Well, I’m going to teach you how to gain that trust, and how, when you’ve got it, you really can skyrocket your business whatever niche you’re in..People buy from people they respect and trust.WOW, what a totally different aspect my business shows today.

When I first got hold of this system – which you’ll not only want and need – I got 5 new leads on my first day operating it. How many I’ve got now isn’t important, because its you that I’m going to teach.

Did we talk about leads? Well, you know that without them your business is dead in the water.

I’m deliberately leaving the link to the end, because I want you to know where I’m coming from and that my goal today is to teach you how to succeed hugely on the net.

And that is the object of this letter you’re reading now. All this is free and if you want to be one of the 3% who succeed on the Internet you’ll need to adopt this system.

Email me with any thoughts or questions and put Profits Plan in the subject line.I urge you to look at this, and the video, very carefully because it is your passport to success on the Internet.

Sincerely yours

Tony Bryan

About the Author

Tony Is an online marketing and business trainerand teaches how to make a full time income in MLMand Affiliate marketing.http://www.mlmprofitsplan.com

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