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Fashion Sense and Positive Outlook

Article by Brian Goodwin

Do you know of anybody who always tries to be in trendy attires but just ends up with fashion faux pas? The physical body is so structured that it will always look good in any clothing that follows standards in age, gender and current trends. But there are exceptions that look distasteful even when naked. Body posture and the effects of unhealthy lifestyle can bring about such unlikable physical appearance. Of course genetics play a major part in body shape and structure but defects can be hidden or at least minimised with practical in-fashion solutions.

It could be improper nutrition or crazy lifestyle that makes people grow extremely thin or grossly obese. Both builds are difficult to manage in terms of matching clothes to the unseemly frame. It will be difficult even for professional designers, seamstresses or tailors to create outfits that can perfectly fit them. If you were a designer, would you make a fashion statement employing models who are either too fat or too skinny? It would be both absurd and commercially unwise to hold such a fashion show if it could ever be called that.

Let us accept the fact that being too fat or too thin is not likely to be met with ready social approval. Change is imperative but is solely a personal decision. The process may be difficult but getting an agreeable physique is always possible. Proper nutrition and determination to live a better lifestyle could be the key to a sexy body. Who does not dream of it?

Thin frames can be remedied with designs and styles that will make them look a little wider and prevent bony parts to stick out. It will be best to avoid skinny or tight-fitting blouses, dresses or pants. A little fashion sense can do the trick.

Pardon the impropriety but fat guys will have more difficulty hiding what is very obvious. Unlike loose-fitting clothes that can make thin guys look fleshier, tight-fitting outfits will only make the obese look worse. Neither will formless hip-hop getup hide the thickness. Imaginative cut or design can only succeed in lessening or moderating the plumpness at best.

Nevertheless, some chunky men and women manage to look good despite the size and shape. Beauty and fashion are deeply embedded in their beings because of positive outlook. Most of them may not make it to the catwalk but they make wonderful friends even to high-fashion people. Positive outlook develops an aura of confidence in individuals. It is what we commonly see in the amazingly beautiful women who get up the ramp to show off the creations of well-respected designers. Could positive outlook be learned for less attractive individuals to change and fit in fashion?

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