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features off mobile phone

Article by Abdullah All Mamun

How are manufacturers actually trying to woo their customers? The answer is easy. Innovative functions are all the time being introduced in cell phones to make communication as simple as it can be. ‘Coming Closer’ is the key word. Due to the superior skill applied, cell phones are a fine example of the world getting more and more close. Undoubtedly, ‘an ode to technology’. Interactive features are pardon? make the consumer tick today. Ranging from Voice Dialer, Internal Vibrating Alert To Infra Red and better Full Rate Speech; they are plenty, they are new and they are for you! That’s right. No longer does you mobile phone hand round you as a device, merely to make or receive calls. With the abundant features available to you in that 6-inch wonder, life unquestionably becomes simpler and easily easily reached too. Ranging from Travel, Weather and Shopping Info To Dial A Pizza and Order A Bouquet, cellular services have emerge as a new digital revolution in this existing era. GET MORE. FROM YOUR CELL As usual, lets get the accurate inputs right from the consumer’s viewpoint. Speaking of features, one of the most popular is that of a ‘Voice Dialer’. A voice recognition system that allows you to dial a cell phone number stored in your phone memory by just saying the person’s name. You could store telephone numbers and verbally record the names of people you wish to fill up in your phonebook / memory. The most suitable for today’s hassle-free world of pace and time, Voice Dialer provides an almost effortless dialing system to its users. Just say the name and open sesame your phone is already in the process of connecting you to the dialled call. One such lucky user of this incredible function is Mrs. Seema Lal. ” I think it’s a real boon. Specially while driving. While dialing the number manually one can get distracted, but this is a real treat. Just call out the caller’s name and you are already getting connected.” She explains gladly. Long, long ago when communication modes were scarce, imagining such a possibility would be laughed upon. But now it’s all there right in front of our eyes. Too good to be true!

Yet another mesmerizing feature is the Enhanced Full Rate Speech (EFR). This feature helps in reducing the background noise that gets transmitted along with your voice while dialogue on the phone. Highly to your advantage in order to send an audible and a clear speech, this feature is just the apt requisite for our ever – so – jam-packed trains and buses. Mr. Ravi Khanna, a stockbroker is a loyal commuter of our dear old western railways since a long time now. ” Traveling from Churchgate to Borivali is my everyday routine and since I’m into shares most of my work is done on my cellular phone. Earlier it used to be impossible, but now due to this special EFR function, conversing on the mobile has turn a lot better. Thankfully, my phone has turned in to a mini mobile office” says a satisfied Mr. Khanna. Whether the never – ending problem of our city’s noise pollution is solved, cell phones have indeed come up with a credible solution. This feature is essentially supportive in theatres, crowded streets and huge public places. Technology for thoughtsure has done some wonders SPEAKEASY ‘No strings attached’! That does sound fine to the ears. Some expert minds have made possible that it feels good to the ears as well. We are talking about the exciting ‘Hands Free Kit’ available with some cellular handsets, redefining freedom in the most amazing manner. stylish and popular, the hands free kit is very well accepted by today’s generation. ” To avoid that added head ache of actually holding the utensil while corresponding, a hands free is just the right thing.” Says Mr. Vishal, a young making executive, who simply detests the idea of carrying the phone around all the time. “I specially chose an instrument with the hands free feature to avoid that extra pain on my ear and hand,” he laughs. The hands free is included in the kit by the manufacturing company itself. One simply has to insert the plug in the instrument and wear its earphones and then J-U-S-T T-A-L-K. Your mobile being in the tiniest corner of your attire will not make a difference to your dialogue. Another added advantage of a hands-free is for motorists and bike riders who cant afford talking while driving/riding. A sweeping fine of Rs. 500, and undue diversion caused on the road are reason enough for many to choose a cellular instrument with this facility. However sleek a cell phone, nothing is more cool and compact than a hands free kit.

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