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Felony Conviction Records

There are times in your life when you may need to find out more about another person which is when searching for felony conviction records is most useful. These searches are also very useful when you own a business and someone applies for employment there and you need to find out more about if the person is really trustworthy. Even if you are applying for work, the person who may hire you will definitely check your background and find out if there are any felony conviction records with your name on it.

You shouldn’t worry too much because this is normally standard procedure to make sure that you are fit to take on the job, especially if it requires a certain level of accountability. This is why it is always advisable to keep your records clean by being a responsible citizen and refrain from doing illegal acts. Either way, finding felony conviction records are not a difficult task. You yourself can find out if you have felony conviction records that you are unaware of, and which you can take care of by clearing your name if it is there erroneously.

Some standard procedures, however, should be followed when looking for criminal records. First, it is only proper that you get the permission of the person you are looking for felony conviction records on. Usually, job applications will have a waiver that the applicant will sign that says that the employer can look into his background information like criminal records of the applicant. You have to be careful with this procedure because violating means you are doing an illegal search on another person as stipulated in some laws in some US states and some countries.

Second, to make the search easy, it is best that you try to get complete information about the applicant so that you can type in this information and do a thorough felony conviction records search online. Many of these services are free. If the applicant is a resident in the same place as you, you can even have the local law enforcement agency assist you in the search, as long as the search is lawful and the applicant has given permission. Be sure you have basic information like the address, full name, middle name, birth date, race, social security number, and other data about the applicant that will best help identify him quickly.

Many states in the USA have their own websites where you can track down the information that you need through tracking links and felony conviction records databases. It will ask you for basic information that will lead to the exact information that you need. You may even be lucky and find that the applicant has a clean record and that he can be trusted to a responsible employment position. You can search the public criminal records to make sure that the felony conviction records are up to date.

Please click here for more information about felony conviction records.

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Consequences of a Felony Conviction

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Question by : Can you expunge legal records (felony conviction) without an Attorney or Lawyer?
My stepfather committed a felony in 1996 (possession of a controlled substance). He has been a legal resident in the US for almost 30 years. The only thing that hinders him from applying for citizenship is the felony. I would like to know how to go about expunging his felony without an attorney whether to go to a police station or an immigration center. What Forms Etc. Thank You so much means a lot.

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Answer by andy Anderson
thats a good/smart question. i will have to think about it.

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Veteran Cop: Door-to-Door Solicitors Without Licenses Often Have Criminal Records
Both Shoreline and Lake Forest Park PDs contact them to find outstanding warrants, sizeable criminal records including serious felonies (in one case, I found a convicted murderer from the Midwest, just recently released). Some have been caught casing …
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NC State Senator Doug Berger’s Bill To Wipe Felons’ Records Clean The other night at his Town Hall Meeting State Senator Doug Berger attacked the Association for Home and Hospice Care, saying we opposed his bill to let felons under 21 years old have their records expunged or wiped clean so there would be no record they had ever committed a crime. We did. For one reason: If Senator Bergers bill passed we could hire a felon convicted of, say, theft to go into the home of an elderly citizen to care for them. Senator Bergers bill meant we would have no way of knowing if a potential employee was a felon. Like everyone, we hope those who commit crimes will see the error of their ways. But Senator Bergers bill to wipe clean any record of a felons crimes put our patients at risk. We believed then and believe now we were prudent to oppose it. Senator Berger didnt tell our side of the story at his Town Hall Meeting. I hope youll take a moment to look at the video below to see exactly what he said and our explanation:

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3 Responses to “Felony Conviction Records”

  • fangtaiyang:

    It is not easy to get a felony expunged and even when it is legally expunged, it is still om record. Without a lawyer you will not even be able to start such a process

  • Uncle:

    He should have been deported in 1996
    he probable has a non dated green card
    usually they catch you when you renew your green card

    Go see an aila lawyer he may be advised to lay low

  • ?:

    Depends on what state the felony was committed. I recommend visiting the website http://www.recordgone.com and taking the free eligibility test to see if expunging the felony is possible. If they do not serve your state I would go to http://www.recordclearing.org/free-forms/.

    Be advised that expungement is a complicated and lengthly procedure especially if you try to do it yourself without the expertise and experience of an attorney.

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