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Five Tips to Improve Self Esteem

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by kemped

Article by Anthony McBride

Self esteem is vital to how we perceive ourselves and it is also contagious. That means our personal self esteem will be reflected in how other people treat us. This is why it is so important to boost self esteem since such an increase will lead to better personal and interpersonal relationships. It also leads to better mental health and even physical well being. Yet, many people suffer from self esteem issues due to various impactful factors.So, is it possible to increase one’s self esteem? Actually, it is not only possible, it can be done effectively in a relative short time frame. You just need to take the proper steps with the right commitment. Here are five helpful tips to achieve such a goal: Tip 1 – Take Steps to Improve Your Health and Physical Well Being. It is very difficult to increase and enhance self esteem when you are not in good physical condition. The most obvious benefit of getting involved in a physical fitness program would be the impact on one’s physical appearance. When you have an enhanced physical form, it can certainly boost your outlook on life. Of course, as the saying goes, looks aren’t everything. This is true and it is also worth pointing out that a decent fitness program boosts well being. This can aid self esteem since a healthy body will aid in promoting it. Physical well being is never isolated as it will have an impact on your mental outlook. Tip 2 – Invest Time in Cultivating Skills in a Hobby or Activity that Appeals to You.Don’t merely look at hobbies and fun activities as being mere leisure or idle pursuits. They have many other benefits and can significantly impact self esteem in a strong way. When you take time out to develop a skill in a particular hobby, you will develop a sense of success and accomplishment. Such attitudes and accomplishments become a part of the psyche and they will car over into other areas of life. There is a saying that a person who is good at something will display it in all aspects of life. There is a certain aura that the development of skills will yield. Others will pick up on this and it will have a strong benefit on your personal feelings of self esteem. Tip 3 – Employ the Power of Positive Thinking Some consider the notion of the power of positive thinking to be an antiquated catch slogan from prior generations. Such an attitude is not an accurate representation of what this type of thought process entails. Simply put, how you think will dictate how you feel and how you act. When you wallow in negative and downbeat sentiments, you will not embody a feeling of solid self esteem. That is why it is so very necessary to always modify your thought processes to embody a strong send of positive sentiments. This will have a dramatic and – pardon the pun – positive impact on your self esteem. Again, positive thinking is a must when you seek to improve self esteem. Tip 4 – Examine Your Fears and Try to Confront or Deal with Them In a way, this ties into the notion of positive thinking although confronting fears involves a bit more physical involvement in order to be successful. In other words, if you have a fear about meeting new people and making friends, you need to realize your fear is holding you back. Then, you need to take the proper steps in order to reverse such an outlook. That is, you would need to confront your fear and do what is necessary to be more active and outgoing. This, in turn, will increase your potential to reverse the fear that is undermining your self esteem. This can prove to be a difficult venture but it can be achieved with the proper effort. Tip 5 – Keep Tabs on Your Successes in Life Whenever you have a good day at work or whenever someone smiles and reacts positively to you when you go about your daily business, make a mental note of things. This will enhance your self esteem and self confidence immensely. Far too often, we will center our concentration on aspects of life that do not live up to expectations or deliver on what we wish. When we wallow in thoughts of this nature, we overlook the many positive successes in life we achieve. Remaining cognitive and aware of such successes can often boost our faith, belief, and self esteem in ourselves.

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