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Florida Sex Crime Overview

Article by Jason

The sex crimes laws passed by the Florida state legislature, and approved by the governor, in 2007 are the following:

– Senate Bill 2866 requires the agency that has jurisdiction over a sexually- based offense to give the multidisciplinary team the accused person’s name; distinct characteristics; where he is expected to reside in the future; what type of supervision, if any, he will get in his community; and his criminal record– police reports, statements made by victims, pre- and post- sentence investigation reports, if these are available; and other documents about crimes committed by the subject, and which ones were sexually motivated. Also his mental status and medical history, and records of treatment received in mental health facilities and of “institutional adjustment.” The bill also provides for the use of force, when necessary, by law enforcement agents to ensure the security to the people and property on a secure facility, and requires the person who made the decision to use such force to prepare, date, and sign an independent report within three days.

– Senate Bill 0988 was passed specifically with the identifications of convicted sexual predators in mind. It calls for “distinctive markings for driver’s licenses and identification cards issued to persons who are designated as sexual predators or subject to registration as sexual offenders,” such that the offender must renew his driver’s license or identification card and will be subject to criminal penalties for altering the markings on them. School districts are also required to screen the results of an applicant’s criminal background check and may prohibit him from entering on school grounds.

– Senate Bill 1604 requires sex offenders not currently in prison to register with the Department of Law Enforcement within a certain time period. The provisions that allow the person to remove the designation after a specified period have been removed, and a reregistration requirement is also in force. Registration includes name, SSN, age, race, sex, birth date, various physical characteristics, photograph, address, date and place of any employment, “date and place of each conviction, fingerprints, and a brief description of the crime or crimes committed by the offender.” Vehicle identification must be provided in the case of a trailer residence. Registration is for life, except in the case of a pardon or a conviction that was set aside.

– Senate Bill 0146 (called the “Anti- Murder Act”) prohibits bail for registered sexual and other violent offenders, or those on felony probation, who are accused of a new crime.

– Senate Bill 1004 is called the “Cybercrimes Against Children Act of 2007.” It outlaws owning or promoting certain types of child pornography, and provides penalties for “traveling to meet a minor” for the purpose of engaging in illicit activity and for owners of Internet services who allow users to distribute child pornography through their channels.

The Florida Sexual Predators Act has also been passed to provide strategy for dealing with such predators, including ensuring they are not released to relieve prison overcrowding and prohibiting them from working with children.

The website http://www.floridasexcrimeattorney.com provides defense for those accused of sex crimes.

About the Author

The Florida Sex Crimes Defense lawyers are dedicated to defending those charged or accused with a sex crime from Key West to Pensacola and everywhere in between.

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