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Food Crate Hire Might Just Save Our Winter!

Article by Harry Power

It’s nearly that time of year again where our sensible head goes for a walk and we all buy far to many presents, too much food and lots of alcoholic drink for the craziest time of the year; Christmas! Over indulgence for most, is a natural event when October comes around. I can hear you say “October there’s another 2 months to go yet,” but the fact is people plan all year round for the festive period and shops and Christmas lights seem to go up earlier every year. Retail want to encourage spending sooner and for longer and most of the time we are to willing to oblige.

This huge spending spree however means that for the food and retail sectors it is without question the time where planning, organising, processing and transporting is paramount to make sure we the consumers stay happy and businesses stay profitable. This time of year seems to be unpredictable and hard to plan for for most businesses as they know not what to expect with demand and quantities. Market trends vary and while Turkey was popular last year it maybe that Chicken will be this year and so on. In short you have to accomodate every single event before it happens. Line up all of your ducks before they are shot down (pardon the pun).

I have had experience myself within the food industry where having the right equipment at the right time proves essential for this time of year. I worked in the food industry for over 6 years and every November without fail our plastic food tray stock pool that we used to process and transport our products in always ran dry. This as you can imagine causes huge problems for our customers and huge problems for us as we were tied into a contract that held financial penalties if we failed to supply product when requested.If you have no way of processing or producing the factory/ shop inevitably runs out of stock and sales are missed and massively affected.

Trying to borrow food crates around this time from processing partners is impossible because everybody seemed to be in the same boat. How come? Every year we all know we are going to end up running out of trays but nobody seemed to do anything about it, so every year like clockwork processing would faulter, everybody would be stressed due to supply pressure and financial penalties from the supermarkets started to build up on a daily basis.

The reason seemed to be that nobody wanted to purchase plastic food trays for themselves just for 2-3 months of the year and have them lying around for the rest of the time being unused. Fact is you don’t have to buy them just for the peak periods you now can rent them from rental pooling partners! So the moral of the story is source a reliable food crate hire supplier and reserve a contingency pool of crates to use when needed. Ok, so you might get charged for not using them but you are also paying for the crates not to be used by anyone else but I can guarantee you now its a lot cheaper than incurring the customer’s financial penalties. One year our financial penalties were charged at

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