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Foot Massagers: What to Look For

Article by Allaric Saltzman

Our feet are the most neglected parts of our body. Strange, considering how much we abuse them in our everyday life — even without realizing it. How many of us think of just putting up our feet after a long stretch of walking or standing, or both? All of us know that a good foot massage is all it takes to have happy feet again. It is nearly therapeutic in nature — having the power to even elicit murmurs of contentment from exhausted people. A simple but thorough foot rub is all it takes to melt away your day s anxieties. And while nothing rivals the power and effectiveness of the human touch to relieve sore feet, you re not likely to have a masseuse waiting on you when you get home unless you re a celebrity. Don t lose heart, though — the electronic foot massager is exactly the answer to your prayers. Second to the personal masseuse, this is the closest you can get to the real deal.

Electronic foot massagers come in a variety of models. Let s take a look at some of the more common models available at present. Acupressure massagers are great — they seek out and relieve the pressure points on your aching feet. These massagers also allege that they can help improve the blood supply of the whole body — though you may be pardoned for having your reservations about that. Next, you have the ergonomic massagers. They tap away at your feet and coax away their anxieties. Some massagers even send mild spurts of electric current through your feet. Deep tissue foot massagers are extremely intense — so much so that you can leave your shoes on while being massaged. But be warned — these mean massagers come with a suggestion on how long to use them at one go for.

So with so many options, what should one look for when trying to buy a foot massager? First, list out all the needs that you want it to tackle. Next comes the most crucial step — deciding on the budget. Immediately eliminate all the massagers that fall outside your limit. Then, start doing a comprehensive research. Check out web sites and online forums, and visit local spas to find out if anyone s recommending any particular brands or models. Of course, nothing beats trying out a massager first hand at a physical store. Match the fruits of your research with the list of needs you started out with, and you re sure to figure out in an instant which massager s perfect for you.

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