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by lisby1

Article by Rupender

For most online business owners, having excellent pay per click marketing campaign is easier to achieve through the services of trusted and reliable PPC providers or PPC search engines. Indeed, there is a big chunk of truth to that. PPC search engine giants like Overture and MSN are really good choices for a PPC campaign. Through the years, PPC search engines have made reputable names for themselves. They have made a large following from small online businesses and wide base of big clients as well. They have worked wonders and miracles to help online businesses gain unsurmountable exposure and help generate more sales for hundreds of products and services.

Just to be different and daring, as what businesses should be, I wonder why don’t online business owners look for other options for their PPC campaigns? By other options, I do not mean that they drop the services of the PPC provider they have come to trust. What I mean by other options is resorting to other modes of availing PPC services. The usual routine would be to go directly to a PPC search engine and avail of its services. I wonder if it is possible to have a middleman to bridge the business and the PPC search engine, like a real estate broker or a car sales representative. The idea may be unpalatable at first glance for it immediately connotes added cost. But if one has an open, unbiased mind about it, there could be added benefits as well. After all, wanting to have more benefits inevitably requires additional inputs or cost. What really matters is that the benefits are greater than the cost.

I brought up this thought of mine to a colleague who knows a lot about the PPC industry. I was relieved when he told me that my idea of a middleman is not at all far-fetched. He actually said that a lot of online businesses are already hiring services of individuals to manage and run their PPC campaigns, affiliate programs, and other online sales and advertising strategies. He also informed me that aside from hiring a middleman, others even hire consultants for their online businesses. He even said that he himself is contemplating on having a consultant for his online apparel business. When I asked him if he already has a name in mind, he was quick to answer Mark J. Welch.

When I shrugged, my colleague then threw back the slightly mocking but funny question, “Are you from the outer space to not know Mark Welch?” Pardon my ignorance of Mark Welch, but yes, I didn’t the guy who is apparently the household name for online marketing management.

Mark Welch, as my colleague educated me, is a big name in online marketing consultancy. He provides consultancy services to online business retailers and companies. He specializes on enforcing results-based marketing campaigns and strategies. By results-based, Welch is only after those strategies that really yield to tangible results or sales. Thus, it is no wonder that Welch is sought-after for his consulting powers in PPC marketing campaigns. Since 1998, he has been servicing big clients and has gained lucrative campaigns through at least 100,000 top search keywords and key phrases. His past PPC clients have testified that 30% to about 50% of their online revenues were from the sales generated by campaigns under Welch’s consultancy. Welch is attested by many as an expert in crucial aspects of a PPC campaign. He is an expert in strategic bidding and balancing of cost and benefits of various bidding rates. He does not always equate a number 1 ranking in search results as the right step to potential high sales. He has the keen ability to analyze biding trends and would often opt for a number two or number three positions in the bidding rank. He specializes on analyzing how many sales should be generated by each dollar paid for every click.

Welch also caters to affiliate program needs. Starting in 1997, his constancy to affiliate program accounts for up to 50% of the revenues earned by his clients. He is also known for making wise stealth and low-profile marketing strategies, which include “captive affiliates.” Welch is also known as an expert in side-channel marketing. In side-channel strategies, Welch would usually advise his clients to complement their PPC campaigns with selling in eBay, Amazon, and others. Welch’s other services cover website designing or redesigning, search engine optimization (SEO), web development, acquisition of content, editing and copy writing, graphic design, and merchandise operations.

So whether it’s a PPC campaign or affiliate program that you are thinking of having, Mark Welch could be the man you need. He may be an added cost but with an outstanding record under his belt, Welch’s expertise is a sure benefit.

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