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Forgiveness Acrostic

Absolution of wrongs brings life almost every time.

Begging for forgiveness shows a heart that’s been made right and is ready for it.

Clemency is pled for and granted when Light comes to interaction.

Discharge is both effort and release… but best is release.

Exoneration is acquittal, an act of amnesty in creation.

Freedom is sovereignty, make no bones about it.

Grace is the greatest gift. It speaks fundamentally about love, a supreme and holy love.

Hallelujah is simply ‘praise the Lord,’ a pleasant attitude of grace.

I forgive myself. The least condemning thing you can ever do.

Justice is served in letting the grudge go, but not the consequence. It’s a form of fairness.

Kindness is one of the greatest gifts of love. Forgiving someone is one of the kindest acts.

Liberate me from what holds me without love.

Mercy is compassion that drives the heart forward in the action of love.

Negotiate through life. Be prepared to give and then give some more.

Offenses are never an issue for the prudent who love. Get beyond offense and live.

Pardon is more than manners. It’s the way to release someone for God’s use later.

Quietude is granted to the soul when freedom comes.

Released: Free at last, free at last, thank God Almighty, we’re free at last!

Self-determination is the right of the citizen who earns grace in the sight of the God.

Thanks: the parent virtue… it’s a ‘forgiveness facilitator.’ Thank extravagantly.

Unshackled from anything holding you? When it happens it brings cause for much praise.

Veneration is from the saved heart, the heart that knows the fullness of life itself.

Worldly standards are perfectly transcended in the heavenly grace of true forgiveness.

X is a kiss. Kiss and make up. Sometimes it’s the best way; sometimes it’s the only way.

Yield at a time when pride wants this thing ‘your way,’ the way of stubbornness. It’s not yours to keep. Giving forgiveness is simply returning to God what is his in the first place — grace.

Zealous competition is defused and envying is a thing of the past with forgiveness.

© Copyright 2008, Steven John Wickham. All Rights Reserved Worldwide.

Steve Wickham is a safety and health professional (BSc) and a qualified lay Christian minister (GradDipDiv). Steve’s key passion is work / life balance and re-creating value for living, and an exploration of the person within us. His highest goal is doing God’s will, in enhancing his life, and the lives of others.

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Question by Me, Too: Is It Possible for President Bush to Pardon Himself?
I didn’t think this up. I received an e-mail from a group favoring Impeachment and urging folks to take action before Bush left office, lest he pardon himself. I know he hasn’t been charged with any indiscretions, but could he in some way pardon himself for offenses not yet charged? Is it possible for a President to pardon himself and his vice president? President Ford pardoned Nixon and I don’t think Nixon had been charged with any crimes. So, could this conceivably happen and President Bush announce preemptive pardons?

Best answer:

Answer by Caribou “LIPS” Barbie™

It’s not.

Add your own answer in the comments!
A Pardon for the Scottsboro Boys? (Ricky Thomason)
Share Email Print. Seeking five cents worth of positive publicity, state "leaders" are hurrahing for a pardon of all convicted in the infamous 1931 Scottsboro Boys case, another fine moment in Alabama's history, a horror movie forever shown in black …
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17 Responses to “Forgiveness Acrostic”

  • Elibeth Anarely Zamora:


  • Ryan Hall:

    There are, when you’re in 480p and click the CC button, it has fully translated.

  • jehsautosalon:

    i wish theres a subtitle on this

  • Tenor45:

    I’m gonna be taking up BJJ/GJJ and teach it to the Filipino kids in the future. Viva Helio Gracie

  • dmarkj22:

    This is a great documentary. Thanks for sharing!!

  • Alokamaster:

    The Jiu Jitsu and the Gracie family are two of the few things that makes me proud of beeing Brazilian.

  • TiredOldGamerULX:

    I love this sport. It really is the ultimate ground fighting system. Thanks Helio for being such a badass that you inspired people all over the world to be badass too. And thanks Relson for your academy in AZ where I learned so much.

  • TiredOldGamerULX:

    Clinching sux to be stuck in. Any move you make to get out of it leaves you wide open for a takedown as well. It is interesting how well muay thai and GJJ naturally go together.

  • Raffy Carvalheira:

    He wasnt, and in your original comment you mention Roger. Roger is Carlos grandson, not Helio’s. Nazis that escaped to South America were welcomed by the argentines, not Brazilians. But if you ever go to Brazil, youll see that south regions of it are as white as Europe.

  • cdubb3:

    I don’t train jiujitsu and i find this absolutley fascinating .

  • hondaciviccoupe10:

    @33:11, I’m not sure but that looks like a young Robson Gracie (father of Renzo, Ralph, and Ryan).

  • Tim Echols:

    I made the point in the original comment, Helio Gracie was interested in eugenics.

  • DieAlphaEnte:

    So, whats your point, elaborate please :)

  • barrettokarate:

    Several years ago an adjunct professor from some college in either Alabama or Georgia did an article for Black Belt Magazine. He was a brown belt in both judo & BJJ & wanted to find out what percentage of street altercations do indeed end up on the ground. He & several assistants looked at 300 videos of street fights, & made note of several statistics. Ex: % of fights where both went to the ground, % of fights where only one went to the ground, % of KOs, % of submissions, etc. Very good article.

  • BrFelo:

    Man….on the street when fighters clinch, there won’t be any referee to break the clinch. And if you watch boxing or k-1, you will see lots of clinching.

  • lawrenceba549:

    No he can’t.
    And please drop the impeachment…it’s only two more months!!!!

  • a_wood80:

    No, on a couple of counts: Bush hasn’t been convicted of anything, and you can’t pardon yourself. That would be like being the jury at your own trial.

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