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pardon letter
by guano

Article by Catharine Parks

Forgiveness can heal the spirit…

The dictionary defines forgiveness as the act of ceasing to feel resentment against; to grant pardon, to renounce anger against.

Forgiveness and self-forgiveness is a mental and a spiritual process. Forgiveness means turning away from that which keeps us from forgiving.

Self-forgiveness means ceasing to feel resentment and anger against ourselves. We stop punishing ourselves when we feel that we have achieved this. There is no more need to ‘make up for it’. How do we turn away from that which we want to harbor? We deal with it by facing the person, and renouncing the resentment, and bitterness, and asking the person who has wronged us to forgive us.

Several years ago I felt compelled to write a letter to my aunt who had cancer. I asked her to forgive her father for a grave transgression that he had done against her. The letter conveyed to her that living with resentment, bitterness and hatred, only served to ferment a deadly disease and made her life a living nightmare. Because she had held onto unforgiveness for forty years, the only thing that she had achieved was the ruination of her alcoholic life.

I begged her to forgive all those who she held responsible for taking away her child, and let her know that according to the Bible, which she believed in, that unless she didn’t forgive, neither would God forgive her trespasses.

Word got back to me that she had received my letter, and rejected it. She was furious that I would write and say the things that I did. After all who was I, just a niece.

Was I hurt? Yes, because she was family, and I wanted her to understand and ask forgiveness before it was too late.

A couple of months went by, when I heard that she had accepted the Lord into her life, and she had quit smoking, and turned her life around. She wouldn’t allow anyone in her house to smoke either.

I was so happy she accepted the Lord into her life before she died. To this end it made it all worthwhile.

I know that she was received into the hands of God upon receiving the act of forgiveness into her heart, not only forgiving others but herself.

About the Author

Catharine Leona Joy Minter Parks was born in Chatham Ontario to a Canadian mother and an American father.

Her early childhood was spent in the church growing up under a strict upbringing but at an early age started to desire more. With an adventuresome spirit she would join her brother in escaping the house after bedtime and going downtown with him to dances, plays and the movies, to enjoy all the things that her religious parents denied her.

Catharine’s love of words started from early childhood when she would make up fictitious words and songs. In 1983 she was gifted with songwriting and recorded several songs of her own as well as the song, Proud to be Canadian.

On January 25, 2007, she published her first devotional, A Glimpse of the Cross, on the Mustard Seed Ministries Site. Cliffhanger was published in Fate Magazine Nov. 2007.

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