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Free Criminal Background Check – How To Get A Background Check Done Online

If you are searching for a free criminal background check I am sure that you have run into the same types of roadblocks that the masses hit everyday. A free criminal report is one of the most searched for things online, and for good reason. With the information that is contained in someones criminal history report you are able to see exactly what type of character the person your investigating has. This allows you to make an educated decision on weather or not this is someone that you want around yourself and your family.

I am sure that you have seen all of the advertisements for a free criminal background check. How could you miss them? Everywhere you look, someone is telling you to click this link or that link in order to be able to search through police records for free. Yet, when you click on the link, you are always taken to a page that requires you to pay for the results.

So, what exactly happened to free?

The truth of the matter is, maintaining a database that allows users to run a criminal history check on someone takes not only a lot of time but also a lot of money. So, the companies that are able to provide this service often want to be paid for the information that they provide. the fee is usually very nominal in nature and the report that is given to you usually contains the following:

Felony and lesser charge arrests and convictions
Name run through national sex offender registry
Complete address report
Complete phone report
List of known associates
Social security verification
Accurate financial information

If you have searched everywhere for a free criminal background check but, have come up empty to this point in obtaining a free criminal report on the person you are investigating, try to use one of the new public records databases that is available for us all to use.

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Question by retired Ruby: Is there a site where you can obtain a truly free criminal record report?

Best answer:

Answer by italiandudeinchicago82
Nope, I’ve looked. You can go down to the courhouse near your home and pull your records for free. Go to the county clerk.

Add your own answer in the comments!
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Dog the Bounty Hunter is being educated about the First Amendment and Free Press rights. They could learn a thing or 2 from the Austin Police Department, at least they’re well trained on this issue. Tommy Russo will prevail.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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46 Responses to “Free Criminal Background Check – How To Get A Background Check Done Online”

  • SwaggerMck13:

    hashdich62, Dog, or no one else has the right to talk shit to people, then call in his protection when someone get”s after him. He or Beth would talk shit to people without help from his security detail. If you, or anyone else don’t believe this, come to Maryville tn Blount county. His detail would wear one hll o an ass beating. And our Sheriff James Berrong would Throw the first punch. He is an actor, he’s not a bad ass dude. Wake up, it’s a DRAMA television show dude. He is no where near bad!!


    fire the nigger cop

  • michaelbaker5:

    If you guys think Dog is a bad for putting criminals behind bar then you really need to wake the fuck up. He may not do his job perfect but who does.

  • SteelCityDucati:

    Was anyone else worried about how slowly the cop was talking? It was like he had down syndrome..

  • Dustin Pittman:

    dog his crew and that cop should be ashamed of them self’s.

  • npt91275:

    what a stupid cop he must be fired


    Fuck dog. Now we don’t have to hear his fake ass prayers and his loud mouth bitch. Every dog has its day.

  • RamboJK:

    We have experienced this sort of action on BOTH sides of the border.. Thanks for this clip!

  • easternblackman:

    I read.your posts and im glad your on the side of freedom. I respect everything you have said 100% That was assault plain and simple. I understand how the bail bond system works, when I said fake cop, I dont mean like george zimmerman. Dog has felonies and he chases felons with pepper spray and mace pellet guns. Its laughable to me, he would not do this job in the Real Ghetto. Hes a fake, meaning its all staged.

  • inkey2:

    a free press is the most important aspect of any free nation. In this video the police were clearly wrong and violated his rights

  • inkey2:

    even the US Govt now admits that Sadan Husain/Iraq had nothing to do with 911. The reason why The USA is literally going broke is because of it’s useless and endless involvement in wars. It has driven our debt so high that every citizen would have to give the government $130,000 to completely pay off the debt. We have millions w/out health insurance, roads and bridges falling apart, major cities crumbling in ruin, high unemployment…..wars are a quick road to financial ruin

  • inkey2:

    the cop should get fired for that

  • inkey2:

    what Dog does has nothing to do with being “a fake cop”. It amazes me that people who watch the show still don’t understand what he does and why he is doing it. All the people he chases “OWE HIM MONEY”. His Bail Bond Company loaned these people money for bail and they took off, never showed up for their court date and are fugitives…..That means Chapman can lose anywhere from 500 to 25,000 dollars depending on how much bail money he loaned them.

  • easternblackman:

    Bounty hunters are fake ass cops.


    Remember People- Police and Bounty Hunters Work for YOU and ME! You hit your boss, you get fired, right? You threaton ones life while carrying a firearm, your asking to be shot too!


    An Officer hitting a civilian is a Act of WAR! Any cop who hits me better not come back to work ever again!

  • christa:

    No, you need to go to the local police station and pay money for a criminal record check.

  • Ashley A:

    I wish, I even tried the Dept. of Corrections, called the jails, states, and everything. They say the only way to find out is if the person you are looking for the record on tells you.

  • strypersux:

    go to your local governments website and check

  • Tootie:

    Not one thats worth anything. The info will prob be wrong because it will be second or third hand

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