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Free Criminal Background Checks Vs Paid – A Clear Winner Emerges

Safety and security are synonymous with peace of mind and you can get peace of mind with free criminal background checks. Criminal background records are public documents and they are part of background checks.

When you conduct the background check of a person, it is better to know the person’s criminal records also. Such a criminal record check can be done manually or online.

If you decide to conduct such a check manually, you should be prepared for facing certain hassles. The foremost hassle is that the steps will be unnervingly arduous. You should submit your application to the department and wait for your turn. You may not immediately get your turn. The second thing is even if you want to do your checking surreptitiously, you can not do so because it involves a whole department and hence may not remain confidential.

But if you do your free criminal background checks online, you need not worry about the hassle of confidentiality. On top of it, you can have your details very quickly. Not only that, when you do your check online, in addition to having the criminal records of the person, you can also get other vital information like the personal details. You can know if the person is married or single, what is the social security number of the person, credit worthiness of the person, the place of employment and a host of other details.

When manual check is attempted, it takes a lot of time because tons and tons of data are available and you are vulnerable to commit mistakes. Another concern is that the governmental department may pose several questions before it agrees to provide you with the relevant information. It is the government policy to allow only authorized people to have such details.

Companies that render such services for a fee are a different clan altogether. They update their websites with the latest details and can provide you with the complete information about the individual about whom you are making the check. Since the details are updated meticulously, you will know even the current employment, address, phone number and other details about the person.

Even if the details are not readily available, you may pay the appropriate fees and ask for the details. The company will do the search and provide you with the details very quickly.

From the foregoing, it is quite evident that such checks are fool-proof and accurate if you do them with the help of paid sites. You get quick results as well as the price is also very competitive, thanks to cut-throat competition that prevails in the industry. Above all, the convenience with which you get your details makes it a clear winner above the sites that offer free criminal background checks.

Go with your gut feeling and do a Criminal Background Check, often you will find that your first impression is the correct one. Use an online database of Public Records by CLICKING HERE.

Article Source: Select a state you want to search, then choose criminal records and then you will be displayed a list of official criminal records that you can search for free. You can easily check your criminal record by accessing this website and following the simple steps. You can lookup criminal convictions, check felony charges, view details of arrests, check for arrest warrants and more. It’s really simple to look up your criminal history and background online.
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Question by hunnie_child: What are employers looking for in a criminal background check?
I wanted to know what type of information do employers look for on a criminal background check? If there is a felon on the criminal background check does it display the charge or what the felon was for?

Best answer:

Answer by boysaremeanandugly
Felonies, any theft charges, any drug charges, any ID theft or bad check charges.

Yes, it says what it was for, when it happened, and the punishment.

What do you think? Answer below!
Police checks routinely violate privacy, report says
"Employers who receive negative record checks may not fully understand the distinctions between different types of police information, creating significant risk that non-conviction records will be misconstrued as a clear indication of criminal conduct …

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13 Responses to “Free Criminal Background Checks Vs Paid – A Clear Winner Emerges”

  • recordbckgroundcheck:

    Get Unlimited Access to Over 1 Billion Records! Check a Person’s Background Now – Check out our services now 😉

  • PhallicPhonziScheme:

    faggot cunt cock sucker … go fuck yourself.

  • MrJord12:

    rod u prick

  • jimmyolsonz:

    I dont mind if my sisters dating a normal guy with a little problem on their bills payment..just as long those guy did not involved in any crime and i mean any crime at all !. As a brother, its no trouble for me to check them out first for the safety of my family.

  • Ashleycole101:

    Gorgeous and good looking..well we all a sucker for that. If its totally a stranger its better to do a background check on them first. Well we have to protect ourselves and maybe our family members or friends..

  • frankevanz:

    Do you know most of the criminal today are from a very good looking people. Well groom, good personality..and yet, there’s a skeleton hiding in their room. Dont let the appearance fool you! take action! find out more about them..

  • jay j:


  • Earth: The Connected Home:

    If you are trying to get a job at a university, a radical Socialist background is helpful.

  • kola_mays:

    They are looking for criminal history!
    And yes it is very detailed….it gives offenses, dates of offenses, and where those offenses occured. They also do not have to be felonies…misdemeanors are displyed as well.

  • DN4CER:


    I did BI’s for a law enforcement agency and a city government, and we looked for ANY arrests, felony or misdemeanor.

    We looked for civil law suits, restraining orders, divorces, tax cases, etc.

    A good background investigation will find out EVERYTHING about any arrest, including all the details.

    And yes, the background investigation will show the charge and what the outcome of the charge was.

  • TedEx:

    A criminal background check done through the Pennsylvania state police will come back, either,
    no record
    or, charges pending, or . convictions. It’s all there.

    It is up to the individual employer. For example, a disorderly conduct charge at 18 may not mean a thing when you are 28, but a 2 year old conviction for possession would probably disqualify you for a job n a hospital.

  • Miguel A. Garcia "mikito2000":
    10 of 10 people found the following review helpful
    5.0 out of 5 stars
    Making you aware!, July 18, 2010
    Miguel A. Garcia “mikito2000” (tulsa oklahoma) –

    Mr Lieberman has a unique way to connect with the reader. He lets you know more about yourself than anyone else. If you want to ignore your surroundings and rely on hope that all goes well, this book is not for you. If you want to have the upper hand on every situation and protect yourself and your family from even the nicest man or lady that appear to be fine, read this. Mr Lieberman exposes human behavior like no other. I always reccomend Mr Lieberman’s books to everyone. If you pay attention to all his books, they will change your life for the better.

    Miguel Tulsa, ok

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  • Dan K "DPK":
    13 of 14 people found the following review helpful
    3.0 out of 5 stars
    Good read but rather basic and somewhat technical at the end., December 31, 2010
    Dan K “DPK” (NY Metro) –

    I bought this book to figure out a few people who I feel, if given the opportunity, will snap. I couldn’t understand why some people can keep it together and some people just cant.

    I like this book but I thought it was still rather basic. I wanted to come away with some tools that I could apply instantly or mentally to people who give me a bad hunch. I don’t think this book does that and some of the examples are common sense and basic at best. I already know that someone who has suicidal tendencies is not normal, I don’t need to read about that. I already know the obvious but I want to learn about people who “look together on the outside but are not together on the inside.” This book does not get into these types of people all that much. It deals more with people who express obvious outward signs.

    The parts I did like about this book were the beginning and middle. The beginning has a nice discussion on self-esteem. The discussion on ego vs. self esteem was very interesting as it was totally opposite of what I had been believing. Up to and including section two, the book talks about ourselves. From section three, it goes on to talk about analyzing others. The methods of the mental CAT scan and the archeological scale are nice but you can’t memorize all those points and execute them mentally on your subject. I think you have to return to this book and compile the test score after your encounter. Chapters 11-13 read like a textbook and could not keep my attention as I did not buy this book thinking it was going to be like a psychology textbook. The last chapters deal with statistics and genetics and had a lot of big words.

    Overall a good book but still very light on the subject matter. I suggest you read personality books like “Please Understand Me,” “Lifetypes,” and “Survival Games Personalities Play.” Those books let you get into the mind of the other person and understand why they do what they do. This book is pretty much about observations and some light explanations regarding those observations. On a plus side, this book has helped me to understand why people are arrogant, why we stereotype, and as I said earlier, it has a nice section explaining self-esteem.

    I think this book would have been more successful if it included case studies or if it had a chapter strictly dealing with mock examples of people who are “not normal” and people who might look normal but they really are unstable. I was really looking for something like that and I didn’t find it here.

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