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Free Criminal Background Search Online – First Line of Defense

Some people would say that conducting a background check is over the top. These people would point out that it is quite impractical especially when they think about how much it would cost. They may very well think that it is an overreaction. However, because it is so difficult to know whom to trust these days, these random background checks do not sound so far-fetched especially when homeowners think about people who they barely know around them.

There are free criminal background search engines that homeowners can use. Because these engines are free, there would be no other reason why people should overlook checking on new acquaintances or strangers. Perhaps some would find it bothersome to go out of their way but these search engines can easily be found online. Searching for people’s backgrounds would be as easy as keying in the first name and last name of a person. There are even options for narrowing the search by putting in the middle name, state and country and date of birth. If a person does not know the date or year of birth of the one they need to research on, they can key in the age range of the person.

When homeowners think about the number of people who go in and out of their house, they would think twice about being too trusting. There is a long list of services needed inside the household that require people to open their doors to strangers. The free criminal background search can be for the electrician, locksmith, plumber or gardener they will hire. For families with children, these would be handy for checking on the babysitter or nanny, school teachers and even neighbors.

Free criminal background search is also recommended for employers and their businesses. They can conduct searches to give them peace of mind. Before hiring cleaning services, janitors or computer technicians, small businesses would have more defenses against people with criminal intent.

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Question by You don’t know me: Where can I find an online criminal background search for FREE?
Every site I go to lets you search for the person’s name and then it won’t show you anything until you PAY. ugh

Best answer:

Answer by Carlitos 90 cuore italiano!
I do not know. Sorry! : (

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Kentucky school volunteers may have to pay for background checks
May 17, 2012 / Scott Utterback/The CJ Tens of thousands of Kentuckians who volunteer at any of the state's schools may soon have to pay $ 10 for a criminal background check — a check the state's judicial branch previously conducted for free.
Read more on The Courier-Journal

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