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Gears of War

Article by Nick

Microsoft just released the XBOX 360 and they were looking for a flagship game. Now even though it was not a release title, the official game that put the 360 on the map was Gears of War. This was a horror/action game made by the guys at EPIC. This game is set in the future when a alien race invades the earth…from the ground. Then when the earth is about to crumble, the military extends a pardon to a military prisoner to lead a team to defeat the enemy. This game is great across the board. The multi-player is top notch, the single player is one of the best on the system, and the graphics. This game is a over the shoulder shooter. That means the camera is placed over the shoulder of the character. The game has a lot of story to it, but it’s the graphics that set it apart. There was a new graphic engine developed by the company that only by one looking at the game can see and understand the detail in this game. The game has a lot of different enemies and weapons at your disposal. The crown jewel is the machine gun with the chain saw at the end of it. You blow a clip in the guy and walk up to him. Then by hitting X you character will do a move and chop the enemy in half. Its pretty cool. So now that we talked about the graphics lets talk about the story. The story was written actually by a movie writer. The story has a lot of twist and turns that will make any gamer very happy. The enemies and boss are very detailed and the bosses are big and look awesome. I can totally vouch for this game, you will not be disappointed.

About the Author

I am a video gamer and I love this game. Check out my squidoo:

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