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Georgia DUI Expungement – DUI Arrest and Conviction Record Expungement and Eligibility

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Like most of the states in US, Georgia laws allow you to expunge your DUI record but with some restrictions. DUI expungement means to erase all the traces of your DUI charge from your criminal record. Seeking an expungement is necessary because your DUI record will follow and affect you for the rest of your life. Especially in a job application, you must reveal your DUI unless you have already expunged your record. Also your employer will find out about your criminal history when performing background check. This article discusses about expunging your DUI record, eligibility requirements, and what to do if you are denied from expungement in Georgia.

Can your DUI be expunged in Georgia?

Under Georgia law you can only expunge your arrest record when your arrest did not lead to conviction. However you must meet the eligibility criteria in order to expunge your DUI arrest record.


You are eligible:

1. if your case is dismissed and you are not convicted of DUI.

2. if you don’t have any past criminal convictions.

3. if you don’t have other criminal charges pending against you.

4. if certain amount of time has passed since your arrest or dismissal.

Still your request can be denied even if you meet all of the above eligibility requirements. Because expungement is not a right, it’s a privilege.

If you are denied for expungement you can file an appeal with the county superior court.

What to do if you have a DUI conviction record in Georgia and want to expunge?

Under Georgia law you can seek a pardon to have your DUI conviction removed from your criminal record. By obtaining a pardon your rights and privileges are restored.

Eligibility for applying for a pardon in Georgia:

You are eligible:

1. if you have finished serving your sentence and waited for five years before applying for a pardon.

2. if you have not committed any crimes during that five year period.

3. if you don’t have other criminal charges and unpaid fines pending against you.

Applying for a job:

After expungement, you can legally deny your DUI arrest or conviction when applying for a job. In Georgia it is as if the crime has never happened.

Though expunging your DUI record is the only best solution available to you, it is not perfect. Sometimes even your private employers, can access your “expunged” record. This is where DUI Process manual comes to your rescue. This manual primarily aims to help you get back on track. It includes little known strategies to “completely” expunge your DUI record and pass any background checks. Especially, this strategy is helpful if your state (US) does not allow formal expungement. Also it includes tips to get very cheap SR-22 insurance that will save you hundreds of dollars per month as well as strategies to get drivers license back.

Application of the steps described in this manual will help you in the long run.

Visit my site for an in depth DUI process manual review and take steps to clear DUI record.

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