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Get a criminal pardon in Canada and remove your arrest record.

Article by Fareed Mahdi

Did you know that you can get your criminal record erased if you live in Canada? But everyone is not eligible and there are some criteria you need to follow.

What is a criminal pardon? A criminal pardon allows individuals who have been convicted of an offense to remove their criminal record from federal databases. This process is called a criminal pardon. It ‘hides’ an individual’s criminal record, and is an acknowledgment from the National Parole Board of Canada (NPBC) that a person has been rehabilitated and is leading a crime-free lifestyle. The National Parole Board of Canada requires individuals to have fulfilled certain conditions before submission of an application. The first condition is that an individual has completed their sentence(s), and the second condition is that the appropriate waiting period has been observed after completion of the sentence(s).

Requirement 1- Sentence completion:

* Fines, costs, restitution and compensation orders, and surcharges have been paid;

* The individual has served their time as outlined in their sentence; and

* The individual has completed the probation order successfully.Requirement 2- Waiting period after sentence completion: Canadian Criminal Code and other federal statutes:

* Summary convictions require a 3 year waiting period

* Indictable convictions require a 5 year waiting period

What are some benefits of a Pardon? Do I really need a Pardon?A pardon will remove and seal your information in CPIC. CPIC is the primary method for anyone seeking to obtain information about your criminal record. Once you have obtained a pardon, anyone searching CPIC will not be aware of your criminal conviction(s).

A pardon will allow you to apply for employment without disclosing information about your criminal record. The Canadian Human Rights Act clearly prohibits an employer from rejecting you as an applicant if you have received a pardon. The Criminal Records Act prohibits employers to question applicants about a pardoned conviction. Whether you are applying to a Crown corporation, the Military or any other business, you are protected from disclosing your pardoned conviction and are protected from discrimination. Aside from negatively impacting employment prospects, if you do not get a criminal pardon it will also have detrimental effects on your ability to:

* – get bonded;

* – obtain custody of your children;

* – rent an apartment;

* – travel to foreign countries;

* – your education;

* – your immigration status; and

* – Volunteer. Lastly, a criminal pardon removes the stigma associated with your criminal past and will give you the peace of mind to stop worrying about your record. This will essentially give you a second chance and the opportunity to move on with your life.

Visit us for more information about criminal pardons

There is also an easy way to see if you’re eligible to apply for a pardon in Canada by using this eligibility calculator.

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Fareed Mahdi

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