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Article by Franchis Adam

The film “Death Race” is on ex-offenders blazing the racetrack within a maximum security prison. The aim of the race is survival, the last driver standing wins.

Drivers of “Death Race” behave like thugs, as they own the circuit. Well they would because their life depends on their behavior & survival techniques, however, conduct like that in real life you get either jail or the morgue of a hospital. Car accidents are mainly caused by bad driving or bad drivers to be exact. You can have the skills to conduct badly, but you follow the law, bad drivers on the other are reckless & delusions of grandeur, thinking that they own the road. Bad drivers are worst nightmare insurers, bad drivers do not always get away. They pay. In California, the insurance industry following a hard core system. She says that during a car accident, the driver who caused the accident will be required to call his insurer to settle the incident.

Once the pilot of the first fault accident, the insurer will add a 40% increase on the driver, allowing the premium or because the base price of the insurer. If the base rate of the company is $ 400, it will be raised $ 560 in the case of a car accident. What is the golden rule that we can learn from this? – Drive with caution.

Here’s a tip safely: Some organizations have a “pardon” or “forgive the first accident” policy. However, the qualification for this policy has a wide range. Talk to your insurer if they have a policy of forgiveness. S ‘ they do, ask about their qualifications.

In the case of an accident where your friend was the driver, you will be responsible for the misconduct of your friend. After filing a claim with the insurer, you have to pay deductibles & increased rates caused by the bad behavior of your friend. The worst thing is if your friend is not insured & the damage he / she has caused exceeds the limits of your policy, the victim of car accident after that you can come for medical expenses & damage to property. Having a car accident is bad enough, but pay for the damage you cause is not just terrible.

The streets of California are filled with different driver from keeping those friendly to those reckless. Accidents are bound to happen from time to time, & it comes with drivers for both good & bad. To protect yourself & your vehicle accidents, insurance is one of the best things a motorist could be wrong. Conclusion: Auto insurance is a must for anyone who owns a vehicle.

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