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Get Your Drums Ready For Recording

Article by Amitosh Kumar

Recording acoustic drums is individual of the largely obstinate studio tasks. The final recorded drum sound is due to a combination of the engineer(s) capturing the sound and the drummer’s performance, but very soon as focal is the sound of the drums themselves. Unwanted rattles and buzzes can go off without being seen after in concert live, but in the studio, microphones pick up everything. The following are about tips to understand your drums arranged sooner than you enter the recording studio.


A detailed debate on atypical drum heads and how to tweak them is clear of the scope of this article. They are mostly subjective decisions based on special taste and the design of song being recorded. I will say to facilitate it is focal to facilitate the drum heads are relatively spanking and tuned well. Drum heads will lose their elasticity and tone as you take part in them more than and more than and a spanking head can bake a large difference in the sound of the recording. There are rejection appoint rules in lieu of how often to replace your drum heads but after in doubt, plant on a spanking head and tweak the drum sooner than you understand to the studio.


While you’ve got the head rotten of the drum, let’s check to bake surefire all of the other parts are in optimum condition. Let’s start with the posture skirt. The posture skirt is the part of the drum to facilitate in reality makes connection with the drum head. Run your fingers around the skirt of the drum to bake surefire it is at no cost of nicks or dents. If the posture skirt doesn’t create a seal with the drum head, it can cause the drum to high and bake it obstinate to tweak.

The central cause of these dents is after drummers hit the posture skirt with a drum scale while tuning. (If you habit a drum scale to check the pitch around the tension rods after you tweak, bake surefire you are not hitting the posture edge).

If you observe something iniquitous with the posture skirt, I put in a good word for you take it to a skilled drum get working again supermarket to bear it re-cut. If your limited song supply doesn’t provide this service, maybe they can put in a good word for someone.


Measure the drum on atypical points of the posture skirt to bake surefire the drum is completely disk-shaped. Put the drum on a lifeless shallow and bake surefire it doesn’t tremble and is not warped. If the drum is deformed, it can moreover bake it very obstinate to tweak.


That moreover goes in lieu of the counter circle to facilitate goes more than the drum head. Make surefire to facilitate it’s not warped or wobbly. Apply about instrument smear with oil or WD-40 to all the touching metal parts of the bass drum gearshift and hi hat stands to keep them from squeaking. Make surefire you bear felt washers on all of your cymbal stands (where the cymbal rests on the stand) so at hand is rejection metal to metal connection.

On drums adult than on the order of 1970, it might be indispensable to day-sack the lugs (the parts wherever the tension rods screw into) with about cotton. Older lugs habit a spring to keep the tension rod receivers in place and this can cause rattles after in concert the drum.

Modern lugs habit plastic to stand the receivers in place so at hand shouldn’t be a problematic with newer drums. If you’re not surefire, unbolt a lug from the drum and look inside to think about it if at hand is a spring system. If so, very soon place a little speck of a cotton globe in the lug to keep the spring from making clatter. Just bake surefire to secure all of the lugs tightly after you screw them back on to the drum.


The aim of the ensnare wires on the ensnare drum is to rattle after the base head vibrates from the collision of striking the drum. That’s I beg your pardon? Gives the ensnare drum its sound, but it can moreover deliver discarded sympathetic sensations. For pattern, if a tom is tuned close to the pitch of the ensnare and it is moreover positioned close to the ensnare, striking the tom might cause the snares to rattle excessively.

If to facilitate is the pencil case, try faintly de-tuning the four lugs close to the ensnare wires on the base ensnare head. You can moreover try tuning the tom a little elevated or junior to understand its pitch away from the ensnare pitch. If to facilitate doesn’t opus, plant little strips of felt connecting the ensnare wires and the base head. Do this sparingly, as it can choke the ensnare sound. Hip common, keep in mind to facilitate trial the snares after you hit the other drums is average and if the rattling is not too much, it shouldn’t be a problematic.

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